The Gift in Your Mistakes by Shaina Weiss

We all do things in our lives that we are not so proud of, things that are just plain out of character. Whether it be an act out of anger, pain, jealousy, fear, or pride, a moment of weakness can temporarily take control. The problem is, when the dust settles and the rage filled emotion that was fueling the act subsides, our heart is left to clean up the consequences of the weakened mind.

The one good that can come from such an act of weakness is the opportunity to come back and make a decision based on an even more potent strength; to stand in our mistakes, to own them thus grow from them.

It is here we can regain and/or rename the title of our misconstrued character. We are all human, mistakes are inevitable, therefore it is not the mistakes that define us, but more-so, whether we turn them into character building lessons, or leave them as they are. Doing the ladder will only convince ourselves that we are what we do wrong, giving us nothing but shame and an excuse to be weak again in the future.

Not all things can be undone, sometimes the only solution is to own it, make peace with others and above all ourselves, learn from it, grow from it, and walk away from it.

Strength comes in many forms and shows up usually just in time to answer our hearts calling, but it is up to us from there to choose whether we ignore it or not. Your heart knows all along, but we tend to sometimes smother the little voice in our head that it delivers. However, all it takes is that moment when you remember what you truly stand for and what’s really worth fighting for to find the strength to come back to who you are.

This becomes the crucial moment, for though the weakness has died down over the power of your heart’s truth, it can easily turn over to fear, causing us to bury our head in shame and regret, providing nothing to gain from the situation except unnecessary hatred for ourselves. We must, in that moment ,use our strength for what its there for; our strength that is so often ignored even though it is only reporting for duty after being called upon by the heart. We must trust it and use it to fall on our sword and salvage our dignity.

In conclusion; I welcome my mistakes, for as long as I learn from them, I will grow from them, allowing me to rise above common expected weakness and show up with humbled integrity.

So I ask, don’t judge me on who I am when I fall, but rather, on who I am when I stand back up.

TheTeenMentorShainaAbout the Author: Shaina WEISS is owner at Mind Body Soulfit. She is on a mission to ignite change and foster growth in herself and everyone she comes in contact with. With extensive experience in personal development, combined with her own life experiences, education in fitness. and love of people, she is determined to and passionate about affecting the masses through connecting each unique individual to their mind, body and soul. Read More…

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