The Teen Mentor Writing Guidelines and Updates

TheTeenMentorLogo(NEW) (1)Dear Monthly Mentors,

Thank you for being here and for being a source of wisdom and inspiration for the next generation! We can’t thank you enough for taking your time to share what you know and what you have learned with today’s teens from around the world!

After communicating with them on our Facebook Page, I can tell you that they are very appreciative for what we have been creating.

We received many comments on our Facebook Page, as well as our website, telling us, “I really love this page.”, “This is my favorite page.”, “I am your number one fan.”, “I’m 18 and I’m glad you focused on our teen issues and problems by making this great page. Thank you.”, “It’s so kind of you that you are not only reading the quotes we send, but also replying. Thanks for that!”, “Thanks for caring!”, along with many other just as grateful, comments and notes.

We are surely making a difference and I want to thank you for being a part of it.

Michelle C. Ustaszeski, Founder of The Teen Mentor, LLC.


Please review our writing guidelines below. Thank you. (Last changes have been made on 9/20/17.)

The Teen Mentor Writing Guidelines

  1. By becoming a Monthly Mentor for The Teen Mentor, LLC, you will be offering your articles on a complimentary basis in order to help today’s teens worldwide in their personal growth and development journey. There is no fee to have your articles published and promoted and there will be no financial compensation.
  2. As a Monthly Mentor, you will be provided with your own biography page which you can place any professional information and links you would like. For example, links to your professional website, social media links, books you have written, or current programs you are running.
  3. As a Monthly Mentor/Contributor/Supporter/Sponsor, you can request changes to your biography page at any time.
  4. Articles submitted by you can also be shared on your own site or with other sites at your own discretion so long as it does not interfere with another publishers requirements. All rights to your article will remain your own and your articles can be requested to be removed from The Teen Mentor, LLC site at any time by contacting us using our Website “Contact Us” Page.
  5. All article titles will include your name, giving your name full recognition and exposure at all times.
  6. The Teen Mentor, LLC, promotes articles to teenagers aged 13-19 throughout 45 different countries as of September 2017. All content submitted should be age appropriate with no foul or offensive language, as determined by The Teen Mentor, LLC and using their sole discretion. Please consider this if you are altering older content and material geared toward adults. (We are very aware that as we age and get older and wiser, we may have already written our best and most proud piece.)
  7. It is suggested that articles be submitted by the 1st of each month. Articles submitted before or on the 1st of each month will be guaranteed a publication date that particular month. Articles can be submitted at anytime throughout the month, however, they are not guaranteed same month publishing and are more likely to be published the following month. Multiple articles can be submitted at once in order to plan ahead. Please do not stress over deadlines, however. We would prefer that you write a piece from a calm state of mind, rather than a hurried one.
  8. All articles submitted should provide a lesson or valuable life tips and should not be used solely as a vehicle to sell products or services or to engage with the teens. It is acceptable, however, to refer teens to your biography page at the end of the article for those who would like to learn more or check out your services or books.
  9. Article topics are ultimately up to you and based on your expertise and life experiences. If you are discussing past painful experiences that hurt or anger you still, however, please only use positive terminology, focusing only on the facts and lessons learned. We will alter or remove article content if it contains venting, name calling, or attacking someone in order to provide a positive learning experience.
  10. If you find yourself searching for a topic to write about, here is a list of The Teen Mentor Topics of Interest.
  11. Article contents should be timeless, meaning that the wisdom will be useful in the future since all articles will be stored and searchable in our Portal of Wisdom for future teens to sift through.
  12. We aim to make it easy for our authors and offer flexibility in terms of article format and structure. What is important to us is the message we are sending and the wisdom we are passing down. As a general guideline, article word count should be anywhere between 500-1500 words. We are not rigid with these guidelines. If you have something important to say, or a list perhaps, in less than 500 or more than 1500 words, please pass on this wisdom.
  13. Please proofread your work prior to submitting. We will correct the errors we see, but we do not currently have the resources in order to guarantee combing through articles to correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  14. At this point in time, we only publish articles and video links. (For videos, we only accept links to your YouTube, Vimeo or other video hosting site. This will also benefit you as it will bring readers directly to you and your work. On the average, videos should be between 2-10 minutes in length.
  15. Because our teens are so scattered throughout the world and religiously diverse, we do not publish any content that discusses any individual religions or Gods. For example, quoting religious scriptures or literature.
  16. The Teen Mentor, LLC reserves the right to reject, edit, change, add or even remove certain sentences or sections within an article at any time, as well as change the title, without prior notice to you, in the effort to better serve, promote articles, and reach more teens.
  17. The term of your participation as a Monthly Mentor may be terminated by either party at any time, for any reason, or no reason. You are not bound by any means whatsoever. If you miss 3 consecutive months, without notice to The Teen Mentor, you are signifying that you no longer wish to be a Monthly Mentor and your profile may be removed from the Monthly Mentor Page. All articles will remain unless you request to have them removed as discussed in number 4 above.
  18. All articles should be submitted through The Teen Mentor Article Submissions Page located at If you do not have access to the website or are encountering any problems, please submit articles to Once we receive your article, we will respond to you within one week with a publication date. On the morning of your publication, all articles scheduled for that day will be posted on our website by 5am EST and will be shown in order of publication. We currently publish up to 2 a day. All articles will then be shared on our social media platforms by 8am EST. (Please keep in mind, if you are watching your articles on social media, they occasionally take up to 24 hours to be approved and promoted to our global followers.) You will be able to share your articles by using the share buttons located at the bottom of your article or by sharing one of our social media posts.

    Thank you so much for being here and for wanting to share your time and wisdom with today’s teens!

    By submitting your content to The Teen Mentor, LLC, you are agreeing to the above guidelines. 

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