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The Teen Mentor’s goal is to provide today’s teens with real-life wisdom and resources from today’s top experts and professionals from around the world. We publish personal development articles daily M-F and distribute that wisdom to our followers and throughout teen social media news feeds worldwide, giving them something positive to grasp onto throughout their day.

We have currently accumulated over 245,000 teen social media followers and make over 2.1 million impressions on the world’s teen population each month and growing steadily, however, there are 1.8 billion youngsters in the world, and most of them reside in the world’s 48 least developed countries where a little extra inspiration and guidance can go a very long way. Powered by Google Translate, our content can be viewed in every global language.

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What we love most about our content is that regardless of the number of reads we receive while making our social media impressions, teens around the world are being electronically exposed to uplifting quotes and enlightening topics, titles, and taglines, which in and of themselves are extremely powerful seeds of wisdom and inspiration. The compound effect of spreading this wisdom will be transformative in the years to come.

Our core mission is to remain a non-invasive, ad-free online publication and fill teen social media news feeds in under-developed and under-privileged areas around the world. When you donate to our core mission, you will be strengthening and expanding the very core reach of The Teen Mentor by adding to our own daily social media circulation budget where even a small donation can travel very far.

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(Please note that we are not a non-profit organization as our business model is to publish articlesprovide teens with additional educational resources that go beyond the traditional school setting, and provide personalized Brand Recognition Campaigns through our Sponsorship Program in order to push positive content out to teens in their own countries, states, and communities. This business model was designed to help us remain a non-invasive and ad-free online publication and resource directory, attract top-notch experts and organizations who generously share their wisdom, and team with larger corporations and service providers who are helping us make a transformational impact.)

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