Searching for Sponsors and Partners

Is your target market Teens?

Could your business benefit by being seen by millions of Teens in 2017?

If so, let’s work together!

The Teen Mentor, LLC is an online weekly publication registered in the State of Pennsylvania that is dedicated to providing teens with real-life wisdom from today’s top personal development experts, motivational gurus, therapists, educators, professionals, athletes, and entrepreneurs from around the globe. We publish one featured article or video every Friday. We believe that they look foward to receiving this weekly nugget of wisdom. With the future in mind, we plan to become one of the largest, and most respected, free teen distribution publication ever.

As we get older, many of us say, “If I knew then what I know now, things would have been very different!” We all know that it’s the important stuff we don’t learn in school which makes the real difference in our lives.

It’s our mission to take a proactive stance on behalf of today’s teens and young adults and help them learn about that stuff now while they are still young. The things that make life a bit easier and their futures much brighter. The things that could ultimately take them down the right path much sooner in life.

We are searching for ONE Exclusive MAIN Sponsor/Partner and MANY General Sponsors/Partners that will allow us to reach more teens.

2017 Exclusive Main Sponsor/Partner: $100,000.00/Year.

The MAIN Sponsor/Partner will have their company name placed on each sponsored article. With your sponsorship, we will be able to send out articles to a minimum of 50,000 teens weekly spread out over the course of 7 days. (Bonus: Every time a General Sponsor joins us, there will be an additional 10,000 teens added weekly at no extra cost to you.)

The sponsored articles will begin with the following text…”Sponsored by YOUR COMPANY NAME, this week’s article is written by Anthony Robbins…” See our Facebook Page to view our current article posts. The followers and organic numbers are growing steadily each week.

The Teens will eventually relate your business name with positive emotions, personal and professional success, self-development, entrepreneurship, and self-improvement. They will know that your company cares about their generation and their future success, growth, and well-being.

Your name and logo will also appear: (1) on the bottom of every article itself under the authors bio and (2) you will be listed on the top of our Sponsor Page as our Main Sponsor. Click here to view the Sponsor Page… You can include any link or ad banner that you would like.

With your help as our Main Sponsor, The Teen Mentor will also be able to contact Higher Caliber and more visible Experts and Professionals who have very, very large followings of their own, creating even higher visibility for your company. It will be a Win-Win-Win-Win… for The Teen Mentor, the Contributing Authors, the Teens, and for YOU. 

Where will your money go? 50% will be used for reaching a minimum of 50,000 teens (ages 13-19) per week in the US.(We can also target other high demand regions such as United Kigdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.) It will also include advertising, growth, and business expenses. The remaining 50% will be used for the owners salary and contractors that help keep the publication working smoothly.)

2017 General Sponsors/Partners: $15,000.00/Year

As a General Sponsor, your business name and Logo will appear on our Sponsor/Partner Page along with a link to your own business page.  See our Sponsor Page where your name would appear here…

Where will your money go? Your funds will be used to reach an additional 10,000 teens per week. That’s a lot of teens who you could be placing on the right path.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a MAIN or General Sponsor, you can write directly to or If you would like to jump on board and become a Sponsor and speak with the Owner, Michelle C. Ustaszeski-Hutchinson, please schedule a time by clicking HERE.

Please Note: If we receive more than one MAIN Sponsor/Partner Request, we will join with the company who contacts us FIRST.

WE WILL NOT accept Sponsorship from any company that could harm the well-being of a teen in any way. For example: No smoking, vaping, or adult content sites will be considered.

 Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We look forward to working together and reaching out to give these teens the wisdom and head start they deserve in life! (It’s a sad truth, but many teens do not have positive role models in their lives, and seeing our publication weekly could help combat that. They will know that there are companies out there who do care.)

It is going to be a wonderful, fruitful, and inspiring year for all!

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