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Who we are…

The Teen Mentor, LLC is the world’s first global teen self-help and personal development publishing company dedicated to providing teens with real life wisdom from today’s top experts, professionals, and organizations from around the globe.

We focus primarily on the Personal Development aspects of Education and partner with companies, corporations, and individuals who would like to sponsor social media news feed circulation of positive content in order to enhance the lives of teenagers in their own country, state, or community. We are the first publishing company to be fueled by society itself

the-teen-mentor-sponsorship-program.jpgWe understand that today’s teens are progressively spending more and more time online, particularly on social media. What they see day in and day out has an enormous impact on their view of the world, as well as their emotional and mental well-being.

Although we cannot change what a teen is exposed to within their social media news feed on a daily basis, together as a society, we can counteract some of the negative effects social media has been known to bring by “inserting our own positive content” and exposing them to the wisdom they so desperately need in order to become better leaders and happier, more successful adults.

“Teenagers are our future leaders and they will be making all of the decisions concerning this world one day. Together, we can help them build strong and well-rounded foundations today, so they can make better decisions for all tomorrow.” – Michelle C. Ustaszeski-Hutchinson, Founder of The Teen Mentor, LLC

We are currently the number one source of positive wisdom, encouragement, inspiration, and motivation within a teen’s daily virtual experience, making over 2.1 million impressions on the world’s teen population each month and growing steadily.


For companies and corporations interested in becoming a Circulation Sponsor and getting their names out and in front of Generation Z in a gentler and more meaningful way, we create daily Brand Recognition Campaigns using our platform.

According to one report, Gen Z ( aka iGen) is the most difficult generation for marketers to reach and engage. The report states, “It’s particularly tricky to get Gen Z to engage, because they are highly discriminating and more averse to advertising in general. In the online space Gen Z are significantly more likely to skip ads, suggesting they have a lower threshold for boredom. They are also more turned off by invasive, interruptive online and mobile formats.” The report also states, “More important than any content formula for reaching Gen Z is deploying an advertising approach that they can relate to.”

We not only provide content that teens can relate to, but content that can help them grow as individuals.

SampleAd3Each publication day, we create circulation campaigns linking to our most recently published and most successful articles and name our Circulation Sponsor as the Provider. We then push those articles out into social media news feeds throughout the country, state or community of their choice.

What we love most about our content is the fact that regardless of the number of reads we receive, teens are being exposed to our topics, titles, and taglines which in and of themselves are extremely powerful seeds of wisdom. The compound effect of spreading this wisdom throughout the world’s teen population will be transformative.

If you are looking to market to today’s teens, this opportunity allows you to get your brand name out and in front of the teen population, while also providing them with great substance and value. It not only helps you gain new and future customers, but loyal and grateful ones.

Why should you Partner with The Teen Mentor?

Aside from making a significant impact on the teen population, The Teen Mentor is also gaining a very prestigious reputation. We have very high expectations for our Guest Contributors and Monthly Contributors who consist of qualified and highly regarded experts and professionals within their fields. Not only will you be teaming with us, you will be joining forces with philanthropic experts and professionals such as:

We are also well-known, respected and accepted among the global teen population and can reach teens at a fraction of the cost that most marketers would pay today. We are experts at navigating throughout teen news feeds. Our Relevance Score’s, which estimate how well teens respond to our content, are typically a 7 thru 10 on a scale of 1-10 and our words of wisdom consistently rate 9’s and 10’s.

We believe that teens respect us and value our content because our only goal has been to provide these resources to them without asking for anything in return, just as a parent offers their wisdom and love to a child.

Our site does not contain pop-up or banner ads so that our teens can be free to sift through the wisdom it contains without being bombarded, interrupted or distracted by a product or service advertisement. We aim to provide today’s teens with a positive life enhancing learning environment that is easy to navigate and not invasive.

Presently, the average teen who visits, sifts through our Portal of Wisdom and reads 2-3 articles per visit.

Group of friends using their smart mobile phones - Millennial young people addicted to new technology trends app - Concept of people, tech, social media, generation z and youth lifestyle

What may be even more enticing for the prospective Circulation Sponsor is the fact that teenagers will begin to associate their brand, their college, or their business name, with those who care and those who want to support their mental and emotional growth.

The long term results of your participation and generosity will be deep rooted, significant and priceless as you will be gaining the reputation of being a brand that cares about the future and the people in it.

After seeing your brand name in partnership with us day in and day out, we believe that teenagers, beginning at the age of 13, will ultimately grow to admire and develop a deep and ingrained respect, admiration and appreciation toward you or your company for providing them with the wisdom they needed to expand into more mature and well-rounded young adults. A result that has the possibility of flowing over into even another generation.

Their parents would also grow alongside them, developing their own deep-rooted gratitude and respect for providing their children with the tools and resources they needed in order to help their children become happier and more successful adults. Because of you, their children will be able to travel toward a better future, going out into the real world and on their own more prepared.

Your partnership will also allow us the ability to expand and sponsor our own campaigns in under-developed and under-privileged areas around the world.

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