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The Teen Mentor Circulation Sponsorship Program


The Teen Mentor, LLC is the world’s first global teen self-help and personal development publishing company dedicated to providing teens worldwide with real life wisdom from today’s top personal development experts and professionals from around the globe.

We understand that today’s teens are progressively spending more and more time online, particularly on social media. What they see day in and day out has an enormous impact on their view of the world, as well as their emotional growth and personal development.

Although we cannot change what a teen is exposed to within their social media news feed, together we can counteract some of the negative effects by inserting our own positive content. We are currently the number one source of positive wisdom, encouragement, inspiration, and motivation within a teen’s daily virtual experience.

Using our platform, we create Brand Recognition Campaigns for our Circulation Sponsors by teaming with companies, organizations and individuals who not only want to help the younger generation, but who would like to get their brand, college, or company name out and in front of Generation Z in a gentler and more meaningful way or who simply want to support the teens in their community.

Each publication day, we create circulation campaigns linking to our most recently published articles and name our Circulation Sponsor as the Provider. We then push those articles out into Facebook and Instagram news feeds throughout the state or country of their choice.



Aside from enhancing the young lives of our future leaders, The Teen Mentor is gaining a very prestigious reputation. We have very high expectations for our Monthly Contributors who consist of qualified and highly regarded experts and professionals within their fields.

We are also well-known, respected and accepted among the global teen population. We believe that teens respect us and value our content because our only goal has been to provide these resources to them without asking for anything in return. Our site does not contain pop-up or banner ads so that our teens can be free to sift through the wisdom it contains without being bombarded, interrupted or distracted by a product or service advertisement other than the links we provide by the article authors themselves.

If you would like to learn ​more about how sponsoring ​our content ​can help you grow your business or to simply help the teens in your community, follow the link to set up an appointment with one of our team members and fill out the Application Form below.


​We look forward to speaking with you and helping you and your business thrive as a result of helping our world’s teens. An honorable Win-Win-Win.


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