J.P. Servideo

jpServideo2J.P. SERVIDEO is a motivational youth speaker for teens and parents of teens, #1 best selling author of The High Schooler’s Guide to Money and creator of FFB Camp, a financial literacy and personal development camp specifically designed to teach teens the financial and life lessons often not taught in the traditional educational system.

His ascension to number 1 best selling author, along side multi millionaire real estate investors, of a financial literacy book, could be considered unorthodox and unlikely considering his background.

When JP was young, he and his family moved multiple times as his mother was responsible for taking care of 3 kids by herself. He was the middle child in between 2 sisters. The experience of watching his mom work multiple jobs to keep the family above the poverty line gave him an intense curiosity about money and how people, even in their situation, could become wealthy and successful.

That pursuit led him through a series of situations that molded him into one of the most inspirational youth speakers in the country.

After graduating last in his class in high school, 5 minutes outside of Boston MA, J.P. was able to become the youngest executive for a national marketing company at 20 years old. He had acquired over 10 years of management experience before 30 only to accompany that with 3 layoffs, all before 25. In between layoffs, he spent a significant time traveling and learning about different cultures. At one point, he moved to Costa Rica using a one way ticket and with $800 and no place to live, he managed to stay for 6 months.

After getting back to Boston from Costa Rica, JP realized it was too cold and one month later he jumped back on a plane and headed to sunny San Diego where he began his entrepreneurial pursuits.

J.P. has now spoken to tens of thousands of adults about improving their financial situation through real estate and financial education as well as having spent a significant amount of time masterminding and networking with multi-millionaires and billionaires, Olympic and professional athletes, social influencers, other top youth speakers, Hollywood actors and other movers and shakers.

He spends most of his time now teaching all he has learned from his experiences, as well as the experiences of his mentors, and coaches teenagers through his camp – FFB Camp. You can find more information at www.futurefortunebuilders.com.

In between camps, JP gives motivational speeches at schools and organizations around the country.

When he’s not focused on his passion, he is cooking, working out, running or playing sports like ice hockey, boxing or basketball. J.P. is also an avid traveler and a proud member of The Best For Last Club in Fargo, ND, which he obtained by seeing all 50 states and saving North Dakota for very last.

If you want more information about J.P. Servideo or to inquire about him speaking at your next assembly or event, please visit his website at www.jpservideo.com.

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