Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Bodnar

Bodner.pngLieutenant Colonel Theresa BODNAR is a full time Soldier in the Army, a certified Army Master Resilience Trainer (MRT), a Positive Psychology Practitioner, Eating Psychology Educator, Author of Get UPP!: Understanding Positive Psychology, and an aspiring Motivational Speaker. She is excited to get to know you and share all sorts of positive psychology tools, inspirational blogs, and poetry with you.

Theresa was first introduced to the field of positive psychology in the Army, and decided to obtain her Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) program through the Flourishing Center. It was then that her life changed.

While studying CAPP, she became truly inspired about the concepts she was learning about. She learned about how/why the brain is wired towards the default negative, what she could do to consciously change that default, cultivate positivity, and get started on a pathway towards flourishing. These ideas were revolutionary to her. She found herself thinking about them constantly and then just started writing.

She’d always been sort of a writer: done a lot of journalling and quotational monologues, more to help with internal processing of her feelings and new information. But for some reason, CAPP inspired her to start writing POETRY…and she just couldn’t stop! In the coffee shop, on the airplane, in the middle of the night, she would write whenever inspiration hit her.

Her book: Get UPP! Understanding Positive Psychology is a fun way to explore positive psychology concepts and maybe get a little motivated yourself.

Her articles here are a combination of poetry, positive psychology and eating psychology tools she wished she knew when she was younger. They are tools and ways of thinking that have helped her work through depression, body image, and addiction issues. She also encourages your self exploration and creativity through writing prompts.

Theresa’s Facebook page is and her website is


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