The Teen Mentor™ Topics of Interest

RegisteredTrademark400x400Emotional Intelligence
Dealing with Moods
Mastering our Thoughts
Principle of Now/Living in the Moment
What is Consciousness

Spiritual Knowledge/Ancient Wisdom

The Mind and Meditation/Yoga
Fear of Change/Adaptation
Bullying/Cyber Safety
Fear of Success or Failure
Fear of Love/Commitment/Rejection
Greed/Envy/Jealousy in Relationships
Insecurity and Self Doubt
Building Confidence
Grief/ Regret/Loneliness
Running Away/Living on the Streets
Mental Illness/Resources
The Power of Intention
Knowing What Happiness Is
Developing Gratitude
The Heights Appreciation Can Take You
Surviving Child Abuse/Legal Rights
Surviving Sexual Abuse/Rape
Dealing with the Past
Making Good Decisions
Choosing Good Friends
Self-Talk/Self-Love/Validation from Others
Self-Worth/Body Image
Expecting Positive Outcomes
Letting Criticism Roll
Communicating Effectively
Becoming a Leader
Entrepreneurship/Starting a Business
Finding Your Dream Job
Ways to Earn Extra Money
Investing and Saving Money
Protecting our Environment and our Universe
Ways to Unite Societies/Ways to Go Green
Focusing and Concentrating
Planning and Goal Setting for the Future/Visualization
Benefits of Continual Education and Reading
Knowing How Your Physical Health Effects Your Emotions
Healthy Eating Habits/Fitness
Transformation/How to create new habits
Benefits of Smiling and Laughing
Believing in Yourself/Being different
Motivation to Aim High
Going Above and Beyond

and Making the World a Better Place.