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You’ve probably noticed how drastically our world has changed since we were younger. There’s so much for our teens to take in these days and there’s so much for them to learn outside of traditional schooling.

We all know that it’s the important stuff that we don’t learn in school which makes the real difference throughout our lives.

That’s where we come in.

Our goal is to help provide teens with real-life wisdom. To help promote self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and develop strong, positive mindsets and relationships which will allow them to navigate through society with ease and create a brighter and more successful future.

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We would also love your help…

Please tell us below how you think we are doing. Your input is of immense value to us. What type of real-life wisdom do you think we should share with teens? What are you having a hard time discussing with your teen? What issues are you dealing with? What can we share with your teen that could help make your life a bit easier?


JenniferBashantJennifer L. BASHANT, Ph.D., LMSW, MA, owner of Building Better Futures, LLC, is a Parent Empowerment Coach with the mission to strengthen families by improving challenging behavior, reducing stress and providing optimism and hope that things can and will get better. She is extremely passionate about her work because she has raised a child with challenging behavior, and she knows, first hand, what it feels like to feel isolated, blamed and worried about the future. As a licensed social worker with experience in a variety of clinical settings, Jennifer shares her knowledge and expertise with parents in a way that is compassionate, authentic and relevant. Read More…


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JENNIFER’S WEBINAR LINK: 5 Steps to Improving Challenging Behavior

TimElmoreTheTeenMentorTim ELMORE is the founder of Growing Leaders. He is passionate about understanding the emerging generation and helping adults teach them how to become leaders in their schools, their communities and their careers. He educates adults to help them understand the challenges and experiences today’s generation faces and connect with them in a way that resonates. Tim believes, by cultivating leadership abilities in young adults and encouraging the adults who guide them, Growing Leaders can be the catalyst for emerging generations that will truly change the world. Read More…


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Fern_Weiss_The_Teen_Mentor_Parent_CoachFern WEIS is a certified Parent Empowerment Coach and Family Recovery Coach. While teaching middle school for 13 years, Fern trained as a life coach and founded her business, Your Family Matters, in 2008. Fern works with parents of teens and young adults who are going through difficult situations, from the homework wars to addiction recovery, and all points in between. Through group programs and private coaching, parents work on communication skills, building relationship and setting boundaries with love and respect. Fern helps parents release guilt, end enabling, and confidently prepare their children to thrive and be successful through life’s challenges. Read More…


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“From Eye-Rolling to I Love You: 5 Steps to Transform Your Relationship With Your Teen.”

To learn more about Fern, her parent workshops and coaching programs, visit While you’re there, you can sign up for a free parent guide, “5 Powerful Steps to Get Your Teen to Talk.”

Thank you for being here with us today.