How Powerful is the Human Brain? By Dr. Mahmoud Rashidi

Your brain has more power than you can ever use in your entire lifetime. All human creations and inventions are products of the human brain.

There is nothing in the entire universe that comes close to the complexity and power of the human brain.

If there is no brain, there is no mind or consciousness.

The entire human being depends on the human brain.

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I had an interview with Jewels from the Law Attraction Radio last week. Her first question was, “How powerful is our brain?” I talked about what I’d learned about the brain in medical school and my neurosurgery training. Then I explained how over time I realized more and more of how powerful our brain is. Upon later reflection, I came up with a more complete answer that I will explain in this article.

Our brain is very powerful, but it is a potential power. You may use it very little, even as little as an animal. You may use it in the wrong way. You may be distracted and use a little here and a little there and end up with a mediocre life.

Your brain is not only very powerful, through proper use, it’s power can become unlimited. The more you use your brain, the better it gets. The more focus in one area the better.

A lot of people use their brain power and talent for unimportant things like listening to too much news or wasting their time on social media. Don’t get me wrong, social media can be very useful, but we may also use it simply for distraction.

Our brain runs our life consciously and subconsciously. Most people go through their life using their brain at its’ lowest level. This is mostly subconscious and habitual behavior. It is like we go through life half asleep. Occasionally we wake up, but then go back to half awake. Even when we are aware, most of the time our awareness is directed mostly by our subconscious mind or habits.

You see, we use a certain number of our neurons or neuronal networks over and over. We put ourselves in a box, unless we expand our awareness. To do this, we would need to use more and different neurons. That is why changing is so difficult.

Metaphorically speaking, our brain is mostly sleeping and using a very superficial part of itself. We can use our brain more, but it needs deliberate conscious effort. You will need to push the envelope. You must keep going even if it gets uncomfortable. If you only do the things that make you feel comfortable, you will not get that much done in your life. Every time you want to do something new, your brain will caution you that you are in unknown territory. It wants you to use the same neuronal pathways.

If you want to expand your mind and use more power of your brain, you need to learn and experience new things. You must be open minded. Try to understand others, especially people that have a different opinion, culture, or religion. Try to travel to new places.

Imagine new things. Do not let your imagination become limited by your subconsciousness mind.

Most people want to stay in the safe zone. They also want to keep you where they think you should be, because they are also a prisoner of their subconscious mind. Experts can be close minded. Think very hard for yourself, otherwise your brain will be run by someone else.

You can direct your brain with your goals. Keep your attention on your goals and do not become distracted. Act as if you are the person you need to be, to achieve your goals. When you act in a specific way, your brain starts acting in that way.

Think hard and work hard. This is the secret to anything that you want to achieve in your life.

Dr. Rashidi 2 The Teen Mentor.JPGAbout the Author: Dr. Mahmoud RASHIDI, Monthly Mentor, is an adult and pediatric neurosurgeon who has witnessed hundreds of healing journeys during his 16-year career. He is passionate about refocusing the mind, thoughts and feelings toward achieving greater happiness, optimal health, and overall well-being particularly while recovering from an illness or injury. Dr. Rashidi’s goal is to raise greater awareness about the health-optimizing effects of achieving physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. We have the power to heal better and faster if we learn to focus our minds on positive, healthy and happy thoughts. Read More…

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