What To Do When You Are Consumed With Anger and Revenge by Guy Finley

“It is never right to feel wrong no matter how right you may think you are to be feeling that way.” – Guy Finley

Question: So often I find myself consumed with resentment and self-righteousness about something or someone, yet at the same time feel miserable because I really don’t want to keep thinking these thoughts. What is the way out?

Answer: You do not have to accept any inner-condition that compromises your happiness. It is never right to feel wrong no matter how right you may think you are to be feeling that way. Feeling one way and thinking another is what it means to live in conflict. Self-conflict is really the only suffering there is; therefore, self-unity is the only real solution that can snap the spell of self-suffering.

The next time you catch yourself starting to feel resentful about anything, immediately stop everything you are doing for a moment and, as simply and as honestly as you can, ask yourself: Is this what I really want?

Try to see the whole self-picture as it is unfolding. You will discover that your thoughts are convinced that you must proceed in their direction of anger or revenge, but you are the one who is feeling bad. These self-betraying thoughts are like a friend who invites you out to a pleasant evening at the fights and then you find yourself in the ring as the main event!

You do not have to accept any condition that compromises your happiness.

You can and must inwardly say to any resentful feelings, “You are not what I want!”

The clearer this whole picture becomes to you – that suffering is stupid and must never be justified – the stronger your right self-assertion for self-unity will become.

A whole life is a happy one.

Choose to have a happy life by choosing what you really want.

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