Shots of Awe by Jason Silva: How to Find Your Passion

“Passion exists at the intersection of three or more things you’re really curious about.” – Steven Kotler

Watch the video below to discover how to find your passion and purpose in life.

Forbes: The Passion Recipe: Four Steps To Total Fulfillment…

“Now look for places where your passion intersects with a grand, global challenge. A place where your passion is a solution to some giant problem. That linkage—now that’s purpose. Suddenly, you’re looking at both a golden business opportunity and a way to use your new found passion to do some real good in the world. Now you have a real deal Massively Transformative Purpose.”

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Jason SilvaAbout the Speaker: Jason SILVA, Monthly Mentor, is an Emmy-nominated and world renown TV personality, storyteller, filmmaker, and sought-after keynote speaker and futurist. Jason is known for hosting 5 seasons of the Emmy-nominated, global hit TV series Brain Games, on the National Geographic Channel, broadcasted in over 171 countries. ​His inspirational videos, Shots of Awe, have received over 100 million views across social platforms. The videos explore topics such as futurism, technology, creativity, the science of awe, disruptive innovation, relationships and mental health. Read More…

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