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The Teen Mentor, LLC is the world’s first web-based independent self-help and personal development article publishing company dedicated to teens worldwide. Registered in the US State of Pennsylvania, it is our mission to provide the younger generation with real life wisdom from today’s top personal development experts, professionals, speakers, therapists, counselors, teachers, coaches, athletes, authors and teen organizations from around the world.

As we get older, many of us say, “If I knew then what I know now, things would have been very different!” We all know that it’s the important stuff we don’t learn in school which makes the real difference in our lives.

It’s our mission to take a proactive stance on behalf of today’s teens and help them learn about that stuff now while they are still young. The things that make life a bit easier and their futures much brighter. The things that could ultimately take them down the right path much sooner in life.

It’s our intention to pull back the personal development industry in order to finally encompass them. Rather than fix social and emotional problems when we are adults, we can do our best at trying to help prevent those issues to begin with.

It is our belief that teens are eager to learn and expand beyond our past expectations and preconceived notions. They may be young, but as our world evolves, they too have been evolving into stronger, more progressive, imaginative, dynamic, energetic, and powerful members of society worthy of our reverence and dedication. 

We are not your average publication company, however. Our mission reaches beyond simply publishing articles. 

We understand that today’s teens are progressively spending more and more time online, particularly on social media. What they see day in and day out has an enormous impact on their view of the world, as well as their emotional well-being and personal lives, and therefore, their future. Our future.

Now, more than ever, teens need our help.

In addition to sharing articles with our followers, we fill teen news feeds. We are currently the number one source of positive wisdom, encouragement, inspiration, and motivation within a teen’s daily virtual experience, making a total of more than 1.6 million impressions on the world’s teen population each month.

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We realize that many teens around the world are experiencing different issues and live in different cultures and societies. It is simply our goal to provide an ever-growing Portal of Wisdom™ to accelerate the process of inner personal growth and cogitation, allowing each new generation to become more progressive, enlightened and united than the last.

As of August 2018, our current combined global Social Media following is over 151,000 teens spread out across 55 different countries and growing steadily. You can click here to see our stats and click here to view a list of topics that we look forward to sharing.

The Teen Mentor is also gaining a very prestigious reputation. We have very high expectations for our Monthly Contributors who consist of qualified and highly regarded experts and professionals within their fields, as well as many one-time guest contributors such as:

We are also well-known, respected and accepted among the global teen population. Our Relevance Score’s, which estimate how well teens respond to our content, are typically a 7 thru 10 on a scale of 1-10 and our words of wisdom consistently rate 9’s and 10’s.

We believe that teens respect us and value our content because our only goal has been to provide these resources to them without asking for anything in return, just as a parent offers their love to a child.

Our site does not contain pop-up or banner ads so that our teens can be free to sift through the wisdom it contains without being bombarded, interrupted or distracted by a product or service advertisement other than the links we provide by our Circulation Sponsors and the article authors themselves.

We aim to provide today’s teens with a positive life enhancing environment that is not invasive. Presently, the average teen who visits, sifts through our content and reads 2-3 articles per visit.

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Michelle Ustaszeski Hutchinson Brick Wall Looking Away2Meet the Creator:

Michelle C. Ustaszeski-Hutchinson is The Facilitator of Wisdom. As Founder and Executive Editor of The Teen Mentor, Michelle gathers experts and professionals who would like to pass their wisdom and expertise down to the next generation.

In her role as a Personal Development Expert, she is the author of the Total Mind Development Program for Teens & Young Adults, a free 56 module course that is putting teens and young adults on the fast track to a happier future.

In 2006, Michelle teamed with some of the top motivational gurus such as Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Denis Waitley, and Joe Vitale in order to offer a compilation of self-improvement teachings by co-authoring 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life.

JoshuaTestimonialHer personal and professional mission is to help facilitate the sharing of wisdom from one generation to the next and to help society evolve. You can read Michelle’s complete biography here.

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*Please note that any information and advice found on The Teen Mentor by any of its contributors is for life enhancing, enlightening and motivational purposes only. If you are a teen experiencing any medical conditions or emotional upset and distress, such as depression, please inform your parents or guardians and schedule a visit with your pediatrician and/or counselor. You are not alone.