Jessie Torres

JessieTorresTheTeenMentorJessie Torres is a Wisdom Guide, Transformational Leader/Coach, Author and Speaker based in Encinitas, California. As a seeker of knowledge and adventurer with a lust for life, she is fueled by a passionate love for humanity and a burning desire to end suffering. She has coached thousands of High Performance people from all walks of life and various parts of the world that have achieved success and the highest level of fulfillment. She helps Leaders achieve a passionate, purposeful, fulfilled life by Awakening their Spirit and Unleashing their Limitless Human Potential so that they can make their life extraordinary.

First and foremost, as a mom, she is leading her team of three children, now grown adults, to seek and expand their limitations. To successfully have them see the gift and beauty in their own Spirit so that they can help awaken others in their own unique way. That they have an individual footprint to leave on this earth and fueled by their limitless potential they can receive fulfillment and then pay it forward to help and serve others do the same.

Jessie’s  journey has been one of child abuse, the loss of a brother to murder, and an 18 year marriage that left her completely apathetic, emotionless and spiritually dead. She has created a life of facing challenges over and over again. If it scared her, she put herself on the front lines and with a Fierce desire, built a muscle of knowing and understanding that the limitation in our lives is only the “belief” that there is one. Our limitless capabilities are within reach and our human potential is boundless and awaiting for our calling.

Challenging herself to do things she is fearful of gives her a unique perspective as a coach. Learning to push through her own fears with Grace, taught her how to help others identify and push through theirs as well. As someone who has lived with fear every day, she knows that small steps are big steps. She helps her clients find the courage to take the small steps to realize their full potential and live the big life of their dreams. She teaches to take massive action in your life and turn pain into purpose and help people transmute limitations and awaken the Spirit within and unleash the power of their potential.

Jessie  surrounds herself with world changers and influencers and with Grace and Grit and an effective hands on approach, has successfully unlocked the power and elevated the human spirit in the lives of the people that have committed to make their lives extraordinary and pay it forward to others. You can learn more about Jessie by following the links below.

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