Shaina Weiss

TheTeenMentorShainaShaina Weiss is the owner at Mind Body Soulfit. She is on a mission to ignite change and foster growth in herself and everyone she comes in contact with. With extensive experience in personal development, combined with her own life experiences, education in fitness and love of people, she is determined to and passionate about affecting the masses through connecting each unique individual to their mind, body and soul.

As someone who grew up feeling like the black sheep as well as dealing with the pains of being insecure with her body image, she eventually embarked on her own path to discovering exactly what it meant to be healthy and happy. Along the way her love of health and fitness developed, however she noticed there was a massive gap in the industry. Knowing first hand that the singular focus on outward appearance was not enough to feel truly happy and healthy, she became relentlessly inspired to reveal the connection between both self-love and physical health for achieving true freedom, inner peace and a healthy body.

As the owner of Mind Body Soulfit, Shaina’s goal is to redefine what it means to be ‘fit’ and to empower women and young girls with the tools they need to align all three elements, so they can break free from the endless loop of self-hate, poor health and mental/emotional turmoil.

As a true advocate for finding your voice and following your truth, she has a major soft spot for her fellow ‘weirdos’ out there who march to the beat of their own drum. An ongoing student of holistic health and a self-proclaimed and bonafide nerd, humbly being a part of each personal journey to self-discovery is her ultimate passion and purpose in life.




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