Prosperity & Wealth Anyone? By Amy K. Lampe (Video)

A few years ago my yoga teacher told a story about this girl, Sarah, who refused to leave her apartment to try and meet a guy. Anytime one of her friends tried to encourage her to go out with them to pickup guys, she said, “My future husband will show up at my door one day. I don’t have to leave my apartment.” Everyone thought she was a little off in her thinking, but Sarah didn’t waiver from this belief.

One day Sarah’s brother called her and asked her if he could swing by for a drink before he went out later. She told him sure. He was in town visiting from college. A few hours later, he arrived with his best buddy and roomate, Tom. Sarah had no idea he was bringing anyone with him. But she was sure of one thing: the sparks between them were flying. Sure enough, Tom and Sarah fell in love and got married several years later.

Yep…Sarah never had to leave her apartment.

Now as much as I love this story and believe if you hold a vision in your head it can come to fruition. I also believe that the more prepared you are in tackling a goal or dream, the luckier you become. Being prepared goes hand in hand with being disciplined and ceasing an opportunity when it comes your way. And for most people this means you probably have to leave your apartment.

If you want to make the gymnastics team, find love, get that summer job, get assistance for that college tuition, consider adding the Prosperity Meditation below to your daily routine. It will align your psyche with the universal energy. It’s so powerful in attracting what you want that Yogi Bhajan said, “doing it more than 11 minutes a day would be greedy.”

Click on the video below to begin.

About the Author: Amy K. LAMPE is one of Your Monthly Mentors, a Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Marketing Director, Writer, and Blogger based in Scottsdale, Arizona. After completing an acting program at the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco, Amy moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in the famed Playhouse West Conservatory Program. Within a year, she booked a small movie role in an independent film and landed several national TV commercials, including Budweiser. Read More…

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