My Father Does Not Like My Boyfriend! By Rachel Russo

Question: My father does not like my boyfriend. He threatens to disown me if I continue seeing him but I love my boyfriend! What should I do? Please guide me.

Answer: Sorry to hear that you are in this position. It is easy to feel like you are “in the middle” as you want to have a good relationship with both your boyfriend and father.

I think you should consider the reasons why your father has such a strong dislike for your boyfriend. Your father is likely to want what is best for you, so you should ask yourself why he doesn’t think your boyfriend is a good choice for you.

I know that you love your boyfriend but sometimes love is not enough to make a relationship work for the long term.

Definitely consider this.

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RACHELHEADSHOTAbout the Expert: Rachel RUSSO, MS, MFT is one of Your Monthly Mentors, a Matchmaker, Dating & Relationship Coach, Author & Speaker. She has a master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from Iona College, a BA in Psychology from Rutgers University, and a certification as an Intentional Relationship Coach. Rachel is the founder of Rachel Russo Relationships-a NYC-based dating and relationship consultancy-and has worked as a matchmaker for twelve years. She currently acts as the resident relationship expert on Brooklyn Savvy Tv, is a matchmaker with Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking, and trains entrepreneurs at Matchmaking Institute. Her drive, credentials, and unique experience make her the ultimate dating and relationship expert. Read More…