How Do You Handle Rejection? By Rachel Russo

Your Dating Questions Answered

Question: How do you handle rejection? I feel like every girl I like likes someone else and there’s no one out there for me.

Answer: Rejection is tough. You have to have thick skin in the dating world.

Remember that not everyone is going to like you romantically, and that is okay. If you get knocked down, pick yourself back up. Finding the right one is a bit of a numbers game.

You must stay in the game and stay positive. Be patient, put yourself out there again and again.

The right one will come along.

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Rachel RussoAbout the Expert: Rachel RUSSO, MS, MFT is one of Your Monthly Mentors, a Matchmaker, Dating & Relationship Coach, Author & Speaker. She has a master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from Iona College, a BA in Psychology from Rutgers University, and a certification as an Intentional Relationship Coach. Rachel is the founder of Rachel Russo Relationships-a NYC-based dating and relationship consultancy-and has worked as a matchmaker for twelve years. She currently acts as the resident relationship expert on Brooklyn Savvy Tv, is a matchmaker with Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking, and trains entrepreneurs at Matchmaking Institute. Her drive, credentials, and unique experience make her the ultimate dating and relationship expert. Read More…

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