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If you are an expert, speaker, therapist, counselor, coach, athlete, teen organization, or author, consider becoming a Monthly Contributor and passing down your wisdom to enhance the lives of today’s teens around the world.

As a Monthly Contributor, you would receive your own extended biography page, linking to your website, programs, or books, and simply share 12 articles with us each year. Article topics are ultimately up to you and based on your expertise and life experiences. We do accept previously published work.

We also accept one time submissions for those professionals who would simply like to share one article with an important message to pass on to the world’s teens. You can submit your single article here for approval.

We provide all photos.

You would ask yourself, “Considering my profession and life experiences up until now, what piece of advice would I want to pass down to my own teenager?  What would I want them to know about life before they go off on their own?  What is the most important life lesson that I have learned?  What piece of wisdom can I pass down to the next generation that could make their lives a bit easier, help them advance much sooner, or simply educate them about? What do I know now that I wish I knew then?

We understand that many teens around the globe are experiencing different issues and live in different cultures and societies. It is simply our goal to provide an ever-growing Portal of Wisdom™ that is accessible to all, allowing each new generation to become more enlightened, progressive, and united than the last. Powered by Google Translate, our site can be viewed in every global language.

After all articles are published and shared throughout teen social media news feeds, they then become searchable by Category, Keyword, Author, and Title for future teens to sift through in order to find relevant wisdom related to their current circumstances and needs.

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If you would like to become a Contributor, please fill out the application form below. Please understand that we cannot respond to each request and that you will only be contacted with further instructions within 10 business days if you have been approved.

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