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You can contribute one article (or video) or become a Monthly Mentor and contribute one by the 1st of each month. As a Monthly Contributor, monthly topics would ultimately be up to you and based on your expertise and life experiences. We provide all photos.

You would ask yourself, “Considering my profession and life experiences up until now, what piece of advice would I want to pass down to my own teenager?  What would I want them to know about life before they go off on their own?  What is the most important life lesson that I have learned?  What piece of wisdom can I pass down to the next generation that could make their lives a bit easier, help them advance much sooner, or simply educate them about? What do I know now that I wish I knew then?

We understand that many teens around the globe are experiencing different issues and live in different cultures and societies. It is simply our goal to provide an ever-growing Portal of Wisdom that will be accessible anywhere in the world, allowing each new generation to become more enlightened and progressive than the last. After initial publication, all articles will be searchable by keyword/category/author/title for future teens to sift through in order to find relevant wisdom related to their current circumstances and needs.

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