Dr. Mahmoud Rashidi

Dr. RashidiDr. Mahmoud RASHIDI is an adult and pediatric neurosurgeon who has witnessed hundreds of healing journeys during his 16-year career. He is passionate about refocusing the mind, thoughts and feelings toward achieving greater happiness, optimal health, and overall well-being particularly while recovering from an illness or injury.

Dr. Rashidi completed his neurosurgery training at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in June 2002 and began practicing at the LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport, Louisiana in July 2002. He has spent many years in academic and private neurosurgery practice. In 2014, he founded Mind in Medicine — a company dedicated to researching, teaching and promoting the compelling answers to this question: How do our thoughts and emotions affect our health and ability to heal?

Dr-Rashidi Book2Dr. Rashidi believes that our mind has a critical role to play during the healing process, especially when a person is undergoing medical treatment. Over the years, he has observed how positive states such as happiness, hope, peace and relaxation have a profound effect on his patients’ healing process and final outcome. He advocates that beyond channeling the power of the mind, we should maintain healthy habits, prevent illness, seek medical attention, and take medication or get surgery if prescribed.

Dr. Rashidi’s goal is to raise greater awareness about the health-optimizing effects of achieving physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. We have the power to heal better and faster if we learn to focus our minds on positive, healthy and happy thoughts.

You can visit Dr. Rashidi’s website to learn more at https://www.mindinmedicine.com/.


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