Karin Ulik

SKN_2.15_PVKarin ULIK, Monthly Mentor and life coach, helps teens define who they are, what they want and take action to live the lives they truly want to live.

She recognizes today’s world has an unrealistic formula for success—that is, a good education leads to a successful life. While there is a degree of truth to that, it’s an incomplete recipe that excludes the necessary ingredients that make it work for each of us individually.

Instead, we too often follow the path blindly. We go to school, get a job, take on adult responsibilities, like owning a home and having children, only to feel stress and pressure because life doesn’t resemble what we imagined. When our efforts to fix it fall short, we tell ourselves, “This is just how it is and I’ll be pursue my dreams when…”

Yet we continue to put our kids on the same path. We send them to school and tell them it’s okay if they aren’t sure what they want after high school because that’s what college is for. But the truth is, college alone isn’t the magic formula either.

Karin knew that building a happy, successful life needs to be done in a more intentional way. Her proven process fills in the gaps that traditional education can’t provide and paves the way to a more balanced life that lets you thrive in today’s world.

As a sought-after keynote speaker, workshop leader and coach, Karin is dedicated to helping busy families avoid the trial-and-error she experienced in her own life. Her programs teach and inspire busy families to realize their potential and transform their lives.

Visit Karin online at www.mskarinu.com. You can also connect with Karin on Instagram and Facebook.


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