Kate Batten

theteenmentorKateGardnerKate BATTEN is a #1 International Best-Selling Author, Editor of The Missing Piece Magazine, and Publisher of the International Best-Selling Book Series The Missing Piece.

As a coach, Kate helps business owners grow their platforms by teaching them how to publish, market and sell their books to international best-seller status. Kate has had the honor and pleasure of consulting TV personalities and award-winning Hollywood film directors, but her real passion is to teach business owners how to earn up to $18,000/£14,500+ with one book BEFORE it even goes to print.

Kate is also the editor in chief of The Missing Piece Magazine which is a digital, interactive magazine dedicated to teaching skills to business owners and personal growth students as well as acting as a digital advertising platform for business owners, coaches, and mentors.

This is a genius way to help impact more lives all across the world on every budget. There may be several magazines published in the world, but how many of them actually increase confidence and provide powerful interactive exercises with world renowned life coaches?

Check out her website at http://www.katebatten.com/


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