Tina-Marie Springham

SteelySpringhamTheTeenMentorWhat do 47, fitness & FEARLESS have in common? Tina-Marie Springham, (aka Steely) ‘Perspective Whisperer’ & Confidence Coach.

Defying the boundaries of age and overcoming a life-time of food addiction, yo-yo dieting and paralyzing fear fueled by insecurities, Steely Springham stepped onto her first competitive stage in the world of Figure & Fitness in 2011, at the age of 42. In 5 short years having competed in 11 competitions, Steely earned National level status along with twelve 1st and 2nd place trophies in Open Age, Masters (35+), Grandmasters (45+) & won the coveted BC Provincial Champion Overall Masters Figure Title in 2015.

This former Top-10 recording artist who was terrified of the stage, once used fitness and training as a release from the pressures in the music business years ago. Little did she know her passion for fitness would turn into a winning competition journey and her present day career. Her lifestyle of health and wellness radiates in every area of her life.

Steely is a Certified Behaviour Change Specialist, an ACE certified personal trainer, a Confidence Coach, specializing in competition posing, mental preparation for athletes in her sport and in public speaking and confidence coaching for 8-12 year olds. She is a contributing writer for PowHERhouse magazine, a regular speaker on the PowHER TALKS stages across Canada and hosts her own segment called #NotetoSelf on PowHER TV. She is an actress, MC & a spokesperson for the Lorna Vanderhaeghe vitamin line.

Steely walks the talk. She has taken her experience and knowledge as a stage performer and combined it with her gift of teaching, her love of training & competing and passion for inspiring others and parlayed it into her successful confidence coaching business. She has turned FEAR~FULL into FEARLESS & UNSTOPPABLE. She is an inspirational conversationalist, forever the optimist and ‘the perspective whisperer’ to her devoted clients.

She is inspired by inspiring others and she loves what she does and not only will her clients, both male and female attest to this, but anyone that meets Steely and has a conversation with her leaves feeling like they too can do anything. For that is what she will stir up in you and challenge you to aim for and encourage you to do! She will ignite the flame of fearlessness that is an ember already burning within you & fan the flame for you as she tells you “YOU ALREADY ARE WHAT YOU WANT TO BECOME!”

Her FEARLESS FEIRCE FORCE, her infectious attitude, and her constant positive energy are what her clients, customers, family, friends and strangers love about her. Steely is committed to building self-confidence in those that seek her. It is her mission to see that that happens for as many as possible. Through teaching positive perspective awareness, positive inner dialogue, and implementing tools to posses a strong mind-set, rooted in a strong posture and walk, Steely builds confidence in people of all ages so they feel empowered to overcome social barriers, be inspired to reach their greatest potential and make a full impact in their own lives, in the lives of others, and in their communities.

Confident individuals are more apt to collectively come together to create waves of effective change which increases productivity and positivity in all areas of life and that benefits and impacts the world now and in future generations.

Steely is dedicated to continuously growing on her empowerment journey to continually empower others. It is her mantra #empower2empower, through that she walks her talk daily.


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