SuperCamp LogoSince 1982, SUPERCAMP has inspired and empowered thousands of teens to feel confident and motivated, and to excel in school and beyond. Held on prestigious U.S. college campuses (Stanford, CSU Long Beach, and Villanova), SuperCamp offers seven- and ten-day residential programs for students in middle school, high school, and first-year college. Living on a college campus is a great experience for pre-teens and teens and most of our grads go directly to a four-year college after high school. As teens from around the world gather at SuperCamp, they are inspired to believe in themselves and their ability to achieve, and they acquire learning and life skills that empower them to thrive in all areas of their life.

SuperCamp provides a positive atmosphere where students feel a sense of belonging and participate at a high level, experiencing successes that build their competence and confidence to a point where they readily take on challenges and break through barriers that have prevented them from pursuing personal goals. Participants like the fact that SuperCamp is nothing like school and our staff members are nothing like most of their teachers. Students learn that learning can be fun and many make the best friends of their lives. SuperCamp is all about energy and tapping into all the senses with music, colors, and lots of movement. The energy begins with the people who lead our programs, as this video clearly illustrates.


Here’s what a couple of SuperCamp graduates have said about their SuperCamp experience . . .

Laura Adkins posted this on our Facebook page: “SuperCamp was the best, most important highlight of my teen years! I pursued my teaching degree thanks to this camp. SuperCamp allowed me to find and establish my dreams! They made education fun! Thanks to everything I learned there, I have fulfilled so many of my goals. Thanks SuperCamp. You really changed my life!”

Christina Kidd said this: “I attended in 2009 and just want to say that I have secured multiple scholarships and leadership opportunities with the skills I learned at SuperCamp. Even in university, I’ve been able to use these skills in presentations and other assignments. I also secured important connections for future placements and internships. It’s worth it if you are considering this camp as it teaches you so many valuable skills and helps you become a better person. Highly recommend!”

Founded in 1982 by Bobbi DePorter, SuperCamp is an international leader in learning, life, and leadership programs for teens with more than 80,000 graduates worldwide. Bobbi’s vision was to create a program that would inspire teens to see their potential and empower them to do whatever it takes to achieve their dreams. SuperCamp empowers students with learning, life, and leadership skills that are seldom taught in schools. There’s an outdoor adventure day at every camp and participants have unstructured time each afternoon to just relax, shoot baskets, play Frisbee, or visit the university bookstore. SuperCamp participants move out of their comfort zones, discover their true potential—and see themselves in a new light.

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