The 8 Keys of Excellence by SuperCamp: REFLECTIONS

This is the last in our series of articles about The 8 Keys of Excellence, which serve as a foundation for our leading residential teen summer camp, SuperCamp. See our Intro article as well as links to previous Key articles here: The 8 Keys of Excellence: Principles to Live By.


Well, here we are at the end of our 8 Keys of Excellence series. We hope you’ve been able to read all of our articles about the 8 Keys and have begun to make them part of your life. We know it takes time, and we also know it’s time well spent. Just keep them in mind as you make choices every day and they’ll soon become part of who you are.

As you continue to explore the Keys—and live them—you’ll realize their benefits every day. If you feel your character being challenged or find yourself in a tough situation, ask yourself Can one of the 8 Keys help me decide what’s best here? and let the 8 Keys guide you. You’ll be amazed how often one of the Keys will perfectly fit a choice you’re facing.

Here’s our 8 Keys summary that a lot of our students print and keep handy for those times they’re pondering choices.


Think in Ink – 8 Keys Reflections

Here’s a question about each of the 8 Keys to get you thinking about how they may already have affected your life.

This Is It!

Have you noticed changes in your life from keeping a positive attitude and focusing on “now”? What are some specific changes you’ve become aware of?


How do you feel when you don’t blame or justify or rationalize to explain your actions? When you take full responsibility for what you say and do, have you found that others trust you more?

Speak with Good Purpose

Have any of your relationships changed since you started to think before you speak and choose your words carefully? Who? And how?


Has your new knowledge about commitment and taking positive action helped you reach a goal that had previously felt out of reach? What’s your next goal?

Failure Leads to Success

How do you think about failure now? Do you view it as feedback and learn from your mistakes? What’s an example of something you learned from a “failure”?


Are your succeeding in becoming more sincere and real, and matching your actions with your values? How do you feel about yourself when you know you’ve done the right thing even when no one was watching?


What has changed in your life when you’ve been willing to change? What’s an example of your flexibility?


When you’ve made positive choices about your priorities, how has it changed you? How has it changed your relationships? Your life?

We wish you fulfillment and joy!

Committing to these eight principles is both exciting and challenging. The 8 Keys of Excellence are more than principles to live by—they’re your path to personal growth and success! The Keys encompass basic principles that most of us already know to be “right.” We hope this journey has given you a deeper understanding of how to “live” those principles and utilize them to lead you to success in all areas of your life.

We wish you fulfillment and joy

as your embrace the 8 Keys of Excellence!

SuperCampAbout the Contributor: Since 1982, SUPERCAMP, Monthly Mentor, has inspired and empowered thousands of teens to feel confident and motivated, and to excel in school and beyond. Held on prestigious U.S. college campuses (Stanford, CSU Long Beach, and Villanova), SuperCamp offers six-, seven-, and ten-day residential programs for students in middle school, high school, and first-year college. Living on a college campus is a great experience for teens and most of our grads go directly to a four-year college after high school. As teens from around the world gather at SuperCamp, they are inspired to believe in themselves and their ability to achieve, and they acquire learning and life skills that empower them to thrive in all areas of their life. Read More…

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