Originality is The Art Behind The Canvas by Susanna Spies

I’ve never been much of a drawer. Illustrations in my mind have always been the most poignant, then the minute I’d attempt to transfer onto a page with crayons, a pencil, or charcoal, I’d end up creating a distant cousin once removed.

As a kid, I used tracing paper over images. I learned how to draw a rose by tracing each definition, angle, and vein. How to draw it with such detail, you could practically smell it. Yet, I noticed no matter the carbon copy, or tracing paper casing, it’s authentic, original form was always the most real.

Any time one sees something inspiring, a new version of originality is attempted. We don’t have to use someone else’s idea or image to be as important, beautiful, or vibrant. Our language may be the same, but our voices to words are always different. How we express ourselves is different. And no matter how hard one may wish to duplicate, mirror, or copy, your own uniqueness is what constitutes the most value. Always.

Originality is the most authentic and truth is the key holder. It’s a hard thing to swallow, when someone tries to copy or mimic something you have created, and it happens to us all.

“Why is she wearing the same exact sweater as me? I had it first.”

“Did you notice that Cindy got her hair cut almost exactly like Debbie?”

“I just ate these amazing cookies at my neighbors and I’m going to try really hard to see if I can duplicate the recipe for Thanksgiving.”

These are all examples of the ways we may be inspired, or feel uncomfortable if too similar. They are things to be motivated by, and things we want to protect. As a business owner myself, I try to think of it this way: You can only share your knowledge to keep giving your art and expression life. If you keep it quiet, it can only grow so much. If you try to cover it’s light, it will not burn as bright. If you try to keep it small, it will not grow.

Originality is always the creator and true support revealing itself. When someone wants to wear that same sweater or hairstyle, or bake those same cookies? It’s only their version, or size to wear, or cookie to bake. Each mold is different, each ingredient different, each result different. And truth always is the purest recipe of all.

Nothing can duplicate originality. Originality comes from your own success creating authentically.

5 Steps to Originality Owning:

1) Take pride in every aspect of who you are.

2) Write a list of 5 ways you are unique.

3) Create your own creative stamp, motto.

4) Know that anyone who wants to try to do something you have done, is never you, and your creation is always the most powerful.

5) Remember, Authenticity is Truth… and Truth = Light

© 2014 Daniel Scherl

About the Author: Susanna SPIES is one of Your Monthly Mentors, a seasoned educator and Founder and President of Comedy Playground, LLC, showcasing at The Hollywood Improv located in California. With a performance background, Spies has worked within mediums of television and film, and has performed stand up comedy on stages throughout the nation. Known for her many “faces”, in 2013 she debuted over 30 characters in her one-woman show “The Dryer” and was featured on Nuvo TV’s Stand & Deliver, E-One Entertainment’s Uncontrolled Comedy, and the Youtube sensation “Carol” of “Carol & Claire in The Angela Hoover web series, as well as dozens of national commercials, and Independent Feature Films. Read More… 

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