Should I Dump Him/Her? Third Eye. See Meditation by Amy K. Lampe (Video)

I was a freshman, sitting in art class when he walked into the room with plaid pants and a smirk on his face. He was visiting the school on a day pass with his best friend, Wyatt; and then the minute we made eye contact I knew I was in trouble.

His name was John and he had just been carted off to boarding school because – I guess- he was naughty and sort of wild. Of course, I was attracted to the naughty boy and we started talking. Then, before I knew it, we dated for the next four years of high school. He was truly a good guy. And I consider myself lucky that he was my high school boyfriend. But once we started college, we were both ready to explore life and our early adult years without each other. So we broke up and started dating other people.

Although the first kiss with anyone new is super exciting, dating is a mixed bag—It’s a journey that can last decades until you find the right one. I was no exception. I dated every Dick, Harry and Bob when I moved to Los Angeles after college; and I ALWAYS stayed in relationships for way to long when deep down I knew something wasn’t right. I would always try and make that square peg fit into the round hole. I’d get attached and comfortable and dependent. For as strong and independent a woman I was, I would always lose my power when I got into a relationship and question myself.

But what if you didn’t have to do that anymore? What if you could develop your intuition so powerfully that the answers would come to you faster and more precisely than an mx missle? What if you could always be your own submarine looking for right target instead of being the target?

If you’d like to trust yourself and answer your own questions instead of seeking the approval and answers from everyone else, do this 4 stroke breath mediation for intuition below. I like to refer to this mediation as the Third Eye, See Meditation.

The third eye is located between the brows and is referred to the 6th chakra. Although it sounds sort of trippy, the third eye is just the pituitary gland which is located in between the brow point When you do this meditation you activate the pituitary. No need to be the third eye. Blind.

So check it out.

4 Stroke Breath to Increase Intuition

(Video Below)

Sit in a comfortable cross-seated position (but you can also pull into a parking lot and put the car in park if you feel road rage coming on)

amed.jpgInterlock/clasp the hands in prayer pose, extending the index fingers up. Cross the thumbs. Bring the index fingers up, just under your nose (Note: they should be higher than in this photo, I have mine near my chin so bring them up to nose level.)

Eyes: Eyes are 1/10 open and focus your gaze at the index fingers.

Breath: Inhale in 4 powerful strokes through rounded lips/o mouth. Each inhale through the rounded o mouth should = 1 second. You do it four times for a total of 4 seconds. Then… Exhale once (I second) powerfully through the nose. Repeat. 4 inhales through the rounded, “o” mouth then one exhale through the nose.

Time: You can do this meditation for 1 minute or 3 minutes and work your way up to 16 minutes but if you do it just for 3 minutes a sitting, you will feel better.

About the Author: Amy K. LAMPE is one of Your Monthly Mentors, a Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Marketing Director, Writer, and Blogger based in Scottsdale, Arizona. After completing an acting program at the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco, Amy moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in the famed Playhouse West Conservatory Program. Within a year, she booked a small movie role in an independent film and landed several national TV commercials, including Budweiser. Read More…

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