How Using Conscious Language Will Empower You by Diana Rose Kottle

Becoming more conscious of our language involves noticing the empowering words we use, as well as forming an awareness of the disempowering ones — paying particular attention to when the disempowering language seems to slip out of our mouths automatically, out of habit.

Why is this important?

Words are powerful conductors of energy; they hold a frequency and create ripples in consciousness. The words we use shape the way we perceive and experience the world around us, influencing the collective consciousness, as well as our own personal consciousness. The two are connected and often our language is a bridge between them. It can either bring us closer to people in connection, or move us farther away in separation.

Seeing how powerfully our words impact, and directly influence, both our actions and what out-pictures externally in our world, has led me to become more aware and more mindful about the words that I personally choose when I write, when I think, and when I speak out-loud.

Keep in mind, we communicate and create through our language.

Words are so powerful that often, simply changing one word in a sentence, will change the entire energy signature (the multi-dimensional frequency) of your expression.


The following is an example of how shifting just one word, has the power to shift your entire energetic frequency, from one of disempowerment to empowerment.

Enter the Mighty Should… 

The word “should” has never sat well with me. Overall it evokes disempowerment and collapse, wreaking heavily of judgment and a big fat guilt trip. Its flavor is one of regret and something being amiss. It’s core essence, is shame. Should is one of those nails on a chalkboard words that makes my teeth hurt. I rarely, if ever, use it, yet I hear it constantly being thrown around haphazardly in conversations.

Seriously, if I had a penny for every time I hear the phrases “I really should ______.” and “You really should______.”, I would be swimming in an ocean of shimmering copper coins.

Shifting to “ I Choose”

The word “choice” on the other hand, invokes our consciousness and our intention, calling in our personal power. It is much more powerful in co-creating our life than living from a sense of obligation — whose frequency leads to a place of disempowerment, sacrifice, frustration, resentment and potential conflict on some level.

Our choices shape the experience of our life; which is why it is so important to make sure that we are checking in with ourselves and making decisions based on what is truly resonant with our authentic self vs. trying to please others ― or to avoid getting in trouble, or rocking the boat ― from the space of the obligatory “should”.

If I wake up and say “I should really spend time with my family today.” That is very different than saying “I choose to spend time with my family today.”

Notice which feels lighter and more spacious, and which feels heavier and like an obligatory burden.

Can you sense the difference? Can you feel how much more powerful consciously invoking our choice becomes?

Enter the Hidden Should’s…

I started noticing the areas within myself where I tended to collapse or give my power over to the seduction of the mighty “should”.

And even though I would not use that word specifically, when I took a closer look and got really honest with myself, I saw that while I might not be using the “should” word exactly, the feeling of doing something out of this looming, invisible, and almost palpable sense of obligation was totally prevalent and running rampant in certain areas of my psyche.

So while my language was ‘clean’, I was still essentially shoulding all over myself.

It’s humbling to see your own arrogance and realize what a load of BS it is and how in certain areas you’ve really just been sprinkling processed sugar on a heap of faded beige cardboard, falsely believing it’s nutritious health food.

With this new level of awareness of what was previously a major blind spot in me, and feeling very humbled indeed, I began practicing having a conversation with that part of myself and shining the frequency of love there. I did this each time the obligation feeling arose ― which I now clearly see is really my personal version of the mighty “should” in disguise.

My humble 2 cent offering…

Check in and notice how the “should’s” or the obligation feelings show up and manifest in your life specifically. And the next time you catch yourself becoming entangled in guilt, caught in the tyranny of the should’s, or experiencing the pressured feeling of obligation, saying things like “I should do _______.” or “I really should have done ______.”(Insert what applies to you personally).

You can say this instead:

“I now choose to ________” or “I consciously choose _______” and watch how this completely shifts your energy, and the collective energy around you, (you will notice and feel the difference) propelling you from a space of disempowerment into one of empowerment.

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diana-rose-kottle_The_Teen_MentorAbout the Author: Diana Rose KOTTLE, MA, MFT is one of Your Monthly Mentors, a Consciousness Architect + Soul Alchemist + Soul Alignment Guide. She helps people align with their soul’s true purpose, so they can live their highest vision and impact the world. Diana’s approach bridges psychology + spirituality + consciousness + technology. Her professional training and education includes a BA in Psychology, an MA in Counseling Psychology, and a license in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is currently writing several new books including: ‘Soul Alchemy’ and ‘The Alchemy of Awakening’. Read More…

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