Help! My Boyfriend is Going Away For 4 Years! By Rachel Russo

Question: My boyfriend has to go to Germany for the next four years. I can’t even imagine staying here without him. How do I deal with this?

Answer: So sorry to hear that your boyfriend is leaving. I know how difficult it is to be away from someone you love for even a short time. Four years away could be incredibly challenging to maintain a long distance relationship, but it is certainly possible.

You should have a heart to heart talk with your boyfriend about both of your expectations and how you will manage the distance.

You should talk about how frequent communication will be and how often the two of you will visit. With this distance, frequent visits may not be possible, so be sure to schedule plenty of video calls.

While he is away, it will be very important for you to focus on your own hobbies and interests as well as have a strong support system.

Stay positive and realize that if you two are meant to be together, you will get through this!

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