How Can You Tell if Your Partner is Cheating? By Rachel Russo

Question: How can you tell if your partner is cheating? I have a feeling that my boyfriend might be talking to or seeing someone else, but I don’t want to start a fight and have him get mad at me. Is there a way you can tell? Are there any sure signs that people show when they are cheating?

Answer: Sorry to hear that you have this feeling. I will tell you that in my experience, we as females have powerful intuition. If you think he is cheating, there is a good chance he is–though there is no way to know for sure unless you find some “evidence”.

The easiest place to find evidence is his phone, though I am not suggesting that you look through his phone. Rather pay attention to how he acts with his phone. Does he take it everywhere he goes? Does he act protective of his phone? Would he get mad if you were to look at or touch it? A guy who is cheating probably wouldn’t leave his phone alone in a room with you and he may leave it face down or on silent when he is with you.

Also, guys who cheat tell lies to cover up their behavior. Do you suspect he’s lying even about little things? Pay attention to whether or not he makes eye contact with you when he tells you something that you think could be a lie. If he is looking down or if he is stuttering or even talking fast, these could all be signs that he is cheating.

Good luck in finding out the truth! And, remember, you deserve to be with someone who makes you feel secure in the relationship.

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RACHELHEADSHOTAbout the Expert: Rachel RUSSO, MS, MFT is one of Your Monthly Mentors, a Matchmaker, Dating & Relationship Coach, Author & Speaker. She has a master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from Iona College, a BA in Psychology from Rutgers University, and a certification as an Intentional Relationship Coach. Rachel is the founder of Rachel Russo Relationships-a NYC-based dating and relationship consultancy-and has worked as a matchmaker for twelve years. She currently acts as the resident relationship expert on Brooklyn Savvy Tv, is a matchmaker with Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking, and trains entrepreneurs at Matchmaking Institute. Her drive, credentials, and unique experience make her the ultimate dating and relationship expert. Read More…