Anne Beaulieu

1annbeaulieuAnne Beaulieu is an international speaker, empowering coach, and thought leader in the field of Emotional Intelligence and the Founder of Walking Inside Resources Inc. based in Vancouver, British Columbia. As an accomplished author and community builder, Anne is a powerful catalyst for positive change and embodies successful life strategies that keep empowering men and women across the globe. She has become a transformative global influencer on social media by sharing openly her personal struggles and daily insights in order to give voice, uplift, and inspire anyone who has ever felt responsible for everyone and everything in their life. In Anne’s own words: “I empower people to become the leader of their own life, the leader of their thoughts, feelings, and decisions.”

Anne’s childhood story is one of extreme challenge, distress, and bold determination. As a child living with a sociopath father who molested her and a psychotic mother who believed she was pregnant with Jesus Christ, Anne’s life was fraught with rage, despair, loneliness, and hopelessness. She was very young when she went inside her head, trying to escape the physical and emotional violence of her world.

In addition to being an Emotional Intelligence Coach accredited by the CCA (Certified Coaches Alliance), Anne is also an ICF accredited Certified Coach (International Coach Federation. Anne holds a B.A. Translation, an M.A. Economics, and is a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst). Anne speaks French, English, and Chinese Mandarin fluently.

As Anne explains, “Why do I do what I do? Because I know what it feels like to have an emotional hole inside that no money, no person, nor thing could ever fill. To the one who has ever asked themselves the question, ‘Who will ever be there for me?’, know that I AM.”

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Phone: 1-778-888-4507


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