Low Self-Esteem Can’t Keep You Down by Matthew Scott Donnelly

My name is Matthew Donnelly. I am 27 years old and I was recently just like you.

I’ve been learning about Personal Growth and Development for about 2 years now and I’d like to say that I’m finally going after my dreams of owning my own business. Financially speaking, I am not where I would like to be. However, I’ve never been happier or more at peace than I am now. And that, to me, makes me even more successful and so I would like to share my story with you.

Early Education

My parents divorced when I was a young kid. It forced me to move around a lot when I was younger. From kindergarten through my senior year in high school I went through 4 different school districts. As a result, I was never really able to establish “a legit old school friendship” as I like to call it.

Sure, I had friends, but moving to different schools so far away from the old ones made it really hard to stay connected. I also had really low self-esteem and the worst part about it was that I never realized it. We usually don’t. It’s one thing to have a lack of self-esteem, but it’s a whole other ballpark when you have no clue that you see yourself differently.

In middle school I was constantly getting into fist fights. I was constantly being made fun of and yet I felt like that was the way things were supposed to be. It was normal for me. Fast forward to high school and another school district later, the same things continued to happen. Usually when you are a student and you have low self-esteem, the other kids with low self-esteem who happen to be more popular, seem to smell you from the mile away. I was made fun of on a weekly basis. It also didn’t help that I had a horrible case of acne and I was already beginning to go bald.

Often times I played it off, but deep down inside it hurt like hell!

As a result of my low self-esteem, that just continued to get lower because of the other kids, I never even had one girl friend.

During my senior year, my grades were good enough to graduate early and so I started working with my step mom who just started a multi-level marketing business. I didn’t achieve what I set out to achieve in that business but what it introduced me to made the single greatest impact in my life and that was Personal Growth and Self-Development. It was the first time that I even fathomed having my own big dreams of becoming successful.

But here’s the thing, since I also had attention deficit disorder, it was very difficult to focus on reading and so I didn’t dive into Personal Growth full steam.

As a matter of fact, I went from the age of 18-24 in full blown party mode. All I wanted to do was work to make a paycheck during the week and party all weekend. I even moved down to a college campus without even going to college just so I could party more and meet women. And after all that partying, I never did meet that special girl that I wanted.

So there I was at the age of 24… no money, no girlfriend, constantly unhappy and filling the void with drugs and alcohol. I took a good look at my life and decided things were going to have to change.

I remembered how good the Personal Growth and Self Development material felt when I read it and because reading was so hard for me, I turned my truck into an educational institution on wheels!  For over an hour each day, to and from work, I listened to self-help audio books. I wanted to hear something positive and uplifting. Something that would change my mindset from partyer to someone who could make something of his life.

Today I am 27 and I have my own business working with people who have made million dollar deals.

I know that if I just keep putting one foot in front of the other, I will also be extremely financially successful. After all this personal growth, however, it really makes me pay less attention to material wealth and more attention to my internal peace. That’s actually worth much more. The reason I know? Just ask yourself what you got for Christmas three years ago and see if it still has the same effect that it did when you first opened it? Chances are the feelings dwindled.

Peace doesn’t dwindle.

With all of this being said, I encourage everyone to go after your dreams and learn about yourself.  Don’t let low self-esteem keep you down. Jim Rohn said something that still sticks with me and that is, Suffer the pain of self-discipline or suffer the pain of regret.”

It’s important for you to remember, there is nothing that you can’t achieve if you set your mind to it.

The best way to increase your self-confidence is to read or listen to positive material or anything that you would like to learn whether it’s playing an instrument, starting a business, building relationships, or even learning social media marketing. There’s thousands upon thousands of books at your disposal on the internet.

Learning about myself and what I love is what made the greatest impact in my life.

Dedicate yourself to learning and growing as an individual. It will be the most important decision of your life.

And you, YES YOU, deserve EVERY bit of peace and happiness you find.

About the Author:  Matthew Scott Donnelly was born and raised in Indiana. He is the author of Spirit of Motivation and Founder of Universoul Awakening. At the age of 24 he decided that he did not manifest a life that he was happy with and decided to dedicate his heart and soul to Personal Growth and Development. At the age of 25 he went from learning basic personal growth to a deeper realm of spirituality. If you are interested in taking your life to the next level, both mentally and spiritually, you can check out his book,  Spirit of Motivation, on Amazon.

Check out his website and follow his blog here… http://universoulawakening.com/. 

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