Pathway to Achievement by Jessie Torres

Sometimes when setting a goal, we “try and try again”. We set our goals and reset our goals and then after we beat ourselves up, we yet again, create another set of goals…

What does it take to get out of our own way?

​The year begins and by February there are spaces again in the parking lot of the gym due to how many people fell off of their New Year resolution. We get clear on our ‘why’, but the bottom line is, we consistently find reasons why we can’t do it; we are blaming machines! We know we need to get to the gym, or crush that deadline or break that record, however, in the moment of setting the goal, we lack COMMITMENT. We begin to find all of the reasons why we couldn’t accomplish the goal. “My alarm didn’t go off.”, “My family came over with pizza.”, “Sally didn’t get the proposal done in time.”, etc, etc. Guess what, they could all be true, and “so what”. Like the saying goes:

                                     “The facts don’t count when you are committed.”

The heart of the matter is, that when you commit, fully commit, to the outcome that you are seeking, achievement is yours. It is like engaging the heart to the decision. It is where you find the grit, passion and will to defy the odds and command your body, mind and conscience to work in conjunction with the heart and maximize your results.

Commitment engages a different part of your Spirit, it not only says, it WILL do it, it also see’s it happening in advance. The heart is already celebrating the win. When you fuel your decision with commitment that is fully engaged by the hearts calling to defy the odds and break through any limitation, success is yours. It’s that moment when everything else disappears and your vision narrows and all you see is the finish line.

Commitment accesses a hidden muscle that is just waiting to be called. It is your 20x factor. This is where you find that no matter how far you have come when you think you are all maxed out and couldn’t possibly do more, there is another 20x’s more that you actually have to give.

So how committed are you to this game of life, business, relationships, abundance and health? Are you testing the waters and dabbling, finding reasons why you can’t or are you FULLY COMMITTED to turning your dreams into realities? Ultimately, the choice is yours. There isn’t anyone else that is writing the next chapter of your life but you.

So I ask you….if there is one person who has done it, actually defied the odds and made the impossible, possible…then

                                                                         WHY NOT YOU?

​The only limitation to your success is the belief that there is one. Choose NOW to make your life a brilliant masterpiece! Grab it by the throat and tell it who’s boss! You GOT THIS and you are so definitely WORTH it!

 ~ Fierce Grace Transformation ~

JessieTorresTheTeenMentorAbout The Author: Jessie TORRES is one of Your Monthly Mentors, a Wisdom Guide, Transformational Leader/Coach, Author and Speaker based in Encinitas, California. As a seeker of knowledge and adventurer with a lust for life, she is fueled by a passionate love for humanity and a burning desire to end suffering. She has coached thousands of High Performance people from all walks of life and various parts of the world that have achieved success and the highest level of fulfillment. She helps Leaders achieve a passionate, purposeful, fulfilled life by Awakening their Spirit and Unleashing their Limitless Human Potential so that they can make their life extraordinary. Learn More…
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