Do You Have a Success Formula? By Coach Jim Johnson

What is your plan to succeed?

One of the best ways to succeed is to have a success formula that you follow and implement consistently. How do you monitor and track your goals? Do you have a plan in place?

Here are seven tips on how to develop your own success formula. Enjoy.

  1. Law of sewing and reaping. As the rule goes, the more you sew, the more you reap the benefits. However, I want you to think about sewing better to have a higher chance of success. Be strategic and calculated to do things correctly the first time.
  2. Law of service. Increase your service to others and more good will come your way. To have success, you must help others early and often. Want to increase your luck? Do something nice for someone and expect nothing in return.
  3. Law of reciprocity. Up your giving and you will receive more success. Create good karma and create good vibes in your life. How often do you give to others?
  4. Take good care of your health. Do you like running? How about playing tennis? Whatever it is, take care of your body and exercise consistently. You will increase your chances of living longer and allow more success to come your way.
  5. Don’t gamble. No lottery tickets or frequenting of the local casino. Success is earned through hard work, not luck. Gambling is not a good investment.
  6. Setup financial independence plan. Put money away in a safe place for later in life. Create the best vehicle for you and save as much as you can. Develop a plan that will ultimately land you at financial freedom later in life.
  7. Develop prioritization routine. Identify your priorities each day and write them down. Structured lists can work wonders on how you tackle each day.

Jim JohnsonAbout the Author: Coach Jim JOHNSON is one of Your Monthly Mentors, an author and authority on teamwork, leadership, and realizing your dreams. Based in Rochester, New York, he is most famously known for helping an autistic senior, Jason McElwain (J-Mac), realize his dreams and play with his basketball team. Jason scored an amazing 20 points in 4 minutes during that game. Coach Jim Johnson has appeared on Oprah, Good Morning America, and ESPN and is the author of the book “A Coach and a Miracle: Life Lessons From a Man Who Believed in an Autistic Boy”. Read More… 

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