Fear-Based Visioning by Philip McKernan (Video)

Are you running from what you don’t want, or moving towards what you do want?

One requires us to be driven by our past (even if we are unaware of it) while the other requires us to let go.

One is a scarce way of existing while the other allows us to live.

Watch this video with an open mind and an even more open heart.

About the Speaker: Philip McKERNAN is one of Your Monthly Mentors, an Inspirational Speaker, Writer & Filmmaker from Dublin, Ireland and based out of Boulder, Colorado. He works with entrepreneurs and business leaders all over the world. When people are seeking clarity about their future or want to move through roadblocks, seen and unseen, they call Philip. He helps people get clear on who they are and where they need to go. He has worked with the Canadian Olympic Team, The Pentagon and has shared the stage with other speakers like the Dalai Lama and Richard Branson. Read More… 

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