Knowledge is Potential Power by Troy West

You have probably heard from school or elsewhere that “knowledge is power.”

This is what I was always taught growing up too. Through the years though, I learned an important lesson, that is, that ONE BIG ingredient was missing. Imagine you or someone else is making your favorite food and the most important ingredient was missing. Would the food taste the same way? Of course not!

Unfortunately, what we see and learn many times is not the full truth. We are conditioned to believe certain things because it will get us to act a certain way. Think about television or Facebook. How many commercials do you see saying certain things or people on Facebook making posts to present themselves a certain way? Whether it is to get your money or to get attention, they are simply trying to influence you.

The hard truth is we are taught that “knowledge is power” because from a financial standpoint, leaving out the most important ingredient, leaves us dependent. I was a straight A student for the most part, from grade school through college. I took AP classes in high school. I graduated college early. I must be really smart or doing things correctly, right?

Well, not to be hard on myself, for the most part I was. However, just having knowledge does not make something happen in real life. You must find a way to create what you want!

The missing ingredient that you must use is ACTION!

In other words knowledge is great but it is only potential power. While knowledge will put you in an okay or good position, taking action is what will set you apart in anything you do and can put you in a great position! Think about any successful role model you may have or someone you know that is successful. Are they 100% sponges and solely and passively accumulate knowledge or do they apply it?

Of course, they apply themselves, and the more they do effectively, the more potential they have at getting their desired outcomes. So you may be thinking. “Troy, you are supposed to be the money guy. I want to know about money, not that knowledge is potential power.” Believe it or not, knowing this is a big step in the direction you want, whether it is related to money or another objective you may have.

The point is how you think determines how you act. From my years in social science and personal development, I can tell you with complete confidence we are taught that knowledge is power because it was ingrained in us to believe what we are taught in schools will make us successful. While that may be true, it is not the full story. If we do well in school, what is it we are taught that will do for us? If you said, to get a job, you are correct.

How many wealthy people simply just go through school and get a job and go through life without thinking of ideas on their own? Not much is the answer. The reason is not only that we are conditioned to prep ourselves to get jobs. We are indirectly taught to be submissive, passive, what we should know, and how we should act. That is the definition of a robot! You are not a robot and have the capacity to do many things in life if you believe in yourself, learn, and act accordingly.

How you think and act will determine how well you position yourself to win the money game and in life.

Recently I have been blessed to co-author a book and share this message on television with Jack Canfield most known for the popular documentary The Secret as well as Chicken Soup for the Soul. I have also gone to speak this message at cool places like NASA. Whether it is one of the most successful personal development coaches in the world like Jack or an astronaut that goes into outer space, they will tell you how you think and act is the key.

If you have a dream or objective very important to you, I highly suggest you ask yourself how you can do it. This simple exercise will force your mind to answer the question. The better the question you ask the better the answer you will provide yourself. By doing this, you will create a number of options. Feel free to be silly or crazy in getting ideas down on paper. The point is not to be right initially, it is to think outside the box.

Once you have a list of ideas, explore them. Which ones make the most sense to take action on? If you are not sure of ideas or the best options, who are the best people to ask? Once you know the actions you will take, do them. The more you do this and believe it or not, the more you fail, you position yourself to get better and improve. Why? Because if you ask yourself how you can do better and again take action, you will.

We are often times taught how to be controlled and scared. Be the one that has a smirk on your face the next time you hear knowledge is power. Be the one that thinks outside the box and takes action. When your friends ask you what you have been doing to be successful, pay it forward and share with them.

The potentially most powerful thing in the world is your mind and when you add in the ingredient of action, you are a force to be reckoned with!

TroyWestBioTheTeenMentorAbout the Author: Troy WEST is one of Your Monthly Mentors, the CEO of Lifestyle Financial Planning (LFP) and an avid lifestyle entrepreneur based in Denver, Colorado. He was recently recognized as one of “America’s Premier Experts,” was inducted into The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors, was a Thought Leader Summit Award winner, an Expy award winner, and was inducted into The National Academy of Experts, Writer’s, and Speakers. Troy recently co-authored The Road to Success with Jack Canfield, is about to release another co-authored book called “The Better Business Book,” and is in negotiations for a full book on The Retirement Myth. Troy has been seen on ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, BRAVO, and A&E. Read More… 

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