My Story Isn’t Over Yet by Kristie Knights

It seems like yesterday. I stumbled upon her page looking for support. I did not know what I was looking for at the time, I just knew the loneliness was too much to bare alone. The sadness was more than I could handle. It was very simple you see, just a symbol. In a glance, I felt hope. I repeated it to myself multiple times ‘My story isn’t over yet.’ ‘MY story isn’t over yet.’ ‘My STORY isn’t over yet.’

Project Semicolon was founded in 2013 shortly after Founder Amy Bleuel’s father died by suicide. Her intent, according to the site, was to inspire; ‘to believe that this is not the end but a new beginning.’ In 2017, the end of March, Amy was found dead; most likely suicide has been reported. My heart sank. Although sadness overcame me; fear was overwhelming. Fear of what you may wonder?

Well, as you know the stigma of suicide creates a perception of weakness according to society. In my opinion, Amy, a warrior, a woman of legend; and a legacy of lives saved, may be viewed as no longer creditable. The thoughts of ‘if Amy can’t live in this world, how can I?’ A leader in the world of suicide prevention and awareness is gone. I desire to share hope, despite the loss.

Amy inspired the logo I use for my non-profit 501(c)(3), iR;se Leadership Institute. Our mission is to eradicate suicide. The semi-colon acts as the ‘i’ in iRise. Suicide has a mired of causes. There is not one we can blame. Despite the loss of Amy by suicide, we will continue her mission. We will rise up and give space for her legacy to inspire and lead others to lead a life of purpose; reminding them that their story isn’t over yet. Amy’s story isn’t over yet either. It lives on in each of us who have struggled and overcome believing our story isn’t over yet. Her legacy lives on through iRise Leadership Institute.

How will you honor each person who may not feel life is worth living?

Or perhaps you have felt that way in the past? Create the intention to live a life of love; giving value to each person’s path you cross. A simple hello, a smile, or a warm hug as a reminder ‘your story isn’t over yet.’

Be real. Be raw. Just be.

kristieknightsAbout the Author: Kristie KNIGHTS is one of Your Monthly Mentors, the Founder and CEO of iRise Leadership Institute, a Licensed Psychotherapist, Collaborative Practitioner in Civil and Divorce Law, Professional Speaker, Author, and Vice President of Global Sisterhood. In her private practice, based out of Saxonburg, Pennsylvania, Kristie guides hundreds of clients to lead a life of joy and purpose from the U.S. to as far as Israel, England, Australia, Germany, India, and Switzerland. Read More… 

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