Supercharge Your Energy to It’s Highest Vibration to the Universe by Jane Fuller

Hello – I’m Jane Fuller – I’m British, Irish and French and I live in London. I’m a producer, writer, teacher, ambassador, blogger, interior designer, calligraphist and spiritual entrepreneur and I’d like to make the world a better place. I’m also a Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Teacher and my mission is to empower people to live their best lives and teach them the skills to do so. 

I look forward to talking with you in the months ahead about this great movie called ‘Life’!

As we live, we learn who we are and with self-knowledge comes self-belief…….I truly believe by living in harmony with the forces of nature we can be, do and have anything we want – we just have to teach our subconscious minds to believe it. There is an invincible and universal energy force everywhere that is made up of infinite possibilities and we draw from it through our beliefs and expectations. This energy is abundant and gives unlimited guidance – we just have to be open and ready and believe in this empowering energy.

I hope you find the following helpful in my first Teen Mentor debut – good to talk with you! Jx

Supercharge Your Energy to It’s Highest Vibration to the Universe

‘Everything in Life is Vibration’Albert Einstein
There is no solidity in the universe. All life vibrates. Everything in nature vibrates at different frequencies. All colours and sounds vibrate to a frequency. Mind, Body and Spirit are all vibrating to the Universal energy field. So you can raise your vibration and frequency to create what you want – from good health to abundance in all things. Socrates, the Greek philosopher, knew this over 2000 years ago – he believed that the universe was made up of pure energy which was there before earth and man came along.

The entire material world is nothing but vibration – the eternal dance of the countless vibrations within every atom in your body. We are made up of atoms and atoms emit waves of electrical energy that vibrate at our own frequency.

Everything is made up of atoms. Everything that manifests in your life is there because it matches the vibration from your thoughts. It’s been scientifically proven that our bodies are more influenced by our vibrational energy and thoughts than by DNA.

So examine your beliefs – you can send a faulty vibration out to the universe through faulty subconscious thinking. Challenge your thinking by getting to know yourself better. By choosing to think new thoughts you can change your reality. In the quantum worldview the observer is calling the shots – so make sure you are consciously creating what you want. Learn to harness the energetic power of your subconscious. Your life is reflected back to you by your vibrational thinking. The subconscious merely reflects your beliefs. Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.

Modern culture teaches us that life is difficult and stressful, but the ultimate demonstration of quantum law is that we can create a positive future that we have lived in our mind because vibrational thoughts matter and they become matter. So clear your resistance. Ask the Universe to help you – and listen to what comes into your mind – usually best just before you fall asleep.

Speak the language the Universe speaks – energetic vibration. The energy of your thoughts creates your reality. So become conscious of your thoughts. Everything you say, think or feel becomes your reality. So if you have a negative thought just tell it to go away. It’s that easy. The lower your vibration, the more likely you are to attract circumstances to you that mirror this and the higher your vibration the more good you attract and doors just open to all the positive stuff!

If you work too hard you make yourself stressed and unhappy which attracts the wrong vibration and understanding of the universe. Become the person who attracts what they want and connect to that energy field. Say/show the universe what you want.

Like energy attracts like energy – that’s physics. Struggling for abundance does not work. How to raise your vibration? Recognise the energetic power of you and what it offers the world. It’s all about vibrational alignment, frequency and harmony. The vibration of your thoughts create your life so I list below some ideas that have helped me supercharge my energy to it’s highest vibration – you then get a deeper, better connection with the universe:

  1. Have frequent quiet time and meditate if you can – even if it’s just 30 mins. Just 15 minutes a day of quietening the mind and focusing on your breath can help with anxiety and depression and help you stay centered and calm throughout the day and helps you become aware of your inner self.
  2. Exercise – move your body – the human body is made to move. Walk, run, skip, jump, play sport, whatever makes you happy – this will uplift your body’s vibrational frequency and you’ll sleep better too – a vital part of making life grand. People who exercise regularly are fitter and leaner and always have that look of a winner – a spiritual warrior.
  3. Sing and dance – even if it’s just around the kitchen. Whatever makes you happy. Listening to great music and dancing is so uplifting.
  4. See people you love frequently – tell them so and give them a good hug. It all helps to spread the good vibrational love. Being kind and generous to other people puts you in a high vibration.
  5. Do things you love that raise your vibration – go to the theatre, cinema, opera, ballet, exhibitions and interesting talks about things that interest you. Travel – short or long haul – it doesn’t matter as long as you are enjoying yourself! Go to interesting places – learn about another culture – open your horizons to bigger picture thinking, even if it’s only to a local exhibition. Imagine you could travel to the future. What would you be doing?
  6. Wear clothes and colours that uplift you and make you feel good. My red lipstick always makes me feel good – in fact I’m rarely without it! If you look good – you feel good and that increases your vibrational attraction.
  7. Having gratitude raises your vibrational frequency because it makes you aware of all the things you love and how abundant you really are. Remember to keep writing that list and adding to it.
  8. All foods have a vibrational energy so eat wonderful healthy primal foods that nourish every cell in your body. Cut out the processed foods if you can – they’ve proven not to be good for you and they are made to be addictive and have a low vibrational energy.
  9. Drink water. It is an energetic life force that cleanses and hydrates your body. We are made up of about 70% water – so we need plenty of it to flush out toxins and keep our vibrational energy levels up.

Remember the Universal Life Energy describes your total well-being – may the force be with you!

‘Be focused, be determined, be hopeful, be empowered.’  Michelle Obama

janefullerAbout the Author: Jane FULLER is one of Your Monthly Mentors, a producer, writer, teacher, ambassador, blogger, interior designer, calligraphist and spiritual entrepreneur based in London, United Kingdom. From taking a Fine Arts course in Florence Italy, to running her own award winning film production company, Jane’s life has so far been a whirlwind of adversity, triumphs, challenges and truly inspiring moments. Read More…

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