Getting Started by Steely Springham

Goal is set!

You boldly decide to start something new!

You heart beats intensely, your breath quickens and you are reeling in the excitement.

It is such a great idea that generates endless possibilities in your mind that you are overtaken at the prospect.

To the universe you boldly say, “ YES ”!

You take a deep breath, face the direction of the starting line, and then suddenly from the depths of your being you hear “ NO ”!

The deep breath turns into a held breath.

“Who said that?”

Suddenly you seemingly can’t breathe and are overcome with … ‘Where do I begin?’

You just start ~ right?

One foot in front of the other? Right?

Just get busy? “Fake it till you make it?” Isn’t that what they say?

Well, I was never quite sure who ‘they’ were and more often than not I did not much care for what ‘they’ had to say. I most certainly have never agreed with the whole “fake it till you make it” expression.

In theory I can see perhaps why they say that, but I feel very strongly that there is a much more powerfully positive way of executing this theory by not faking anything ~ ever. One that actually supports and truly aligns with the desired outcome and leaves you feeling authentic in who you are and in how you are perceived by others. A way where there is no faking involved. (I will save this concept for next months Teen Mentor article as I feel its an important one indeed!)

Back to ‘Getting Started’.

Truth is that the hardest part about getting started is, well … ‘getting started’. Especially when something is new or unfamiliar to you. Starting something can be exhilarating and terrifying simultaneously, but it is the sure fire way in reaching the completion of the goal that you have set forth.

Getting started leads to you discovering what you are made of. It helps you begin to gain knowledge and experience. Getting started expands the boundaries of your comfort zone. It leads to growth and empowerment. Getting started introduces the world to the gift of you, your uniqueness and what you bring to the table. So get started!

Many never take that first step because they become overwhelmed for so many reasons. One of which is what do I do first?

I find that these tips below help me to begin, follow through, and finally achieve any goal I have chosen and set for myself.

  • Define it.
  • Want it.
  • Believe it.
  • Write it down.
  • Visualize it.
  • Break the big goal down to smaller more easily attainable goals.
  • Review it.
  • Schedule it and all the smaller goals.
  • Do it.
  • Review it … again and again and adjust accordingly along the way. In the midst of it all be flexible as life will happen and always exercise patience with yourself and the process along the way. I tell my clients to “ …be the willow tree, bend in the wind of life, and you will find everything to be far more enjoyable of an experience when you do”.

Also as you begin to take steps forward toward your goals be careful not to confuse mere ‘activity & busy’ with ‘productivity & focused action’. They are not one in the same. Both are an investment, but only one will reap the reward of a return on investment that is worth your time and energy.

Speaking from experience I know that you can get yourself so busy, so fast, ‘doing a lot of things’ to fill up your time and it will feel like you are working toward your goals. It will most certainly feel like you are working hard. But, in fact you actually might not be accomplishing anything, think ‘hamster on the wheel syndrome’.
The key to succeeding at your goals is to set in motion an action plan that have attainable, trackable steps along the way. Constructive action results in marked goals.

Another key component to the success of your action plan of whatever you wish to accomplish is the undervalued action of “valuing your time”! Placing value on your time is imperative to ensure that you don’t waste yours. Have you heard of budgeting your time? Its no different than budgeting your money. Allot your time as you do your funds so as to waste none. Treat time as if it were a rare commodity because it is!

I know right now you think you have a lifetime of time but the reality is that we have no idea how much we truly have. Time is a blessing so don’t waste it by not starting and certainly do not waste it by being careless with it. Invest it wisely.
Invest it into you and the things that ignite the passion in your life so that it will garner you a rewarding return on your investment.

You are a commodity and a gift to the world. You and your endeavours are worth ‘getting started’, so waste no time in doing so! For when you hesitate you deny the world ‘you’ and your gifts.

SteelySpringhamTheTeenMentor (2)About the Author: Steely SPRINGHAM is one of Your Monthly Mentors, ‘Perspective Whisperer’ & Confidence Coach, defied the odds and stepped onto her first competitive stage in the world of Figure & Fitness in 2011, at the age of 42. In 5 short years, Steely earned National level status & won the coveted BC Provincial Champion Overall Masters Figure Title in 2015. This former Top-10 recording artist turned her passion for fitness into her present day career. She is currently a Certified Behaviour Change Specialist, an ACE certified personal trainer, a Confidence Coach, specializing in competition posing, mental preparation for athletes in her sport and in public speaking and confidence coaching for 8-12 year olds.  Learn More… 

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