What Are You Practicing? By Sarah Taylor

We are always practicing something. If we have some level of self awareness, we will see certain themes being repeated in our life, day in and day out. And if we have even more self-awareness, coupled with a desire to grow (a winning combo!), we will actually know what it is that we are meant to practice in order to meet what is arising in our life each day.

So what is it for you?

Are you practicing speaking up these days? Or lightening up and laughing at yourself a little more? Are you practicing remembering that there is a still, quiet, peaceful core at your center that never goes anywhere, even in the midst of chaos? Noticing the beauty that is already present? Are you practicing remembering that you have a strength that you sometimes forget?

How about being kinder to yourself? Always a good one! Or practicing saving money, finishing projects on time, or being early?

Aaaah, I remember that one. For years I was always late. Then one day I decided to practice being not just on time, but early everywhere I went. It felt super weird to show up five to ten minutes early for things, but after awhile, it became a habit. After awhile, being on time felt natural.

These days, I’m on time. I do run late here and there. OK, maybe lately I’ve been lapsing into that old habit a little bit. Ok, maybe a lot. Sigh. Well…I know what I’m practicing again!

We are always practicing something. And sometimes we circle back to something we’ve practiced before. The good news is: you’ve done it before, so you can do it again and this time, it will be easier.

Musicians practice their instrument so that they can play music. That’s what you’re doing. Whatever you’re practicing will help you to dance to the music of life.

Here are three things to remember to help you with your life practice:

  1. What inner quality is your life asking you to strengthen lately? Is nothing moving fast enough for you right now and it seems it’s time to practice patience? Are you being challenged to get out of your comfort zone and try new things and so you’re trying on the quality of being adventurous? Excellent! Throw in practicing not being so attached to the outcome of what you explore, too! That will help you to be an even more bold adventurer. See? There’s always something to practice.
  2. What kind of person do you want to be in the world? More kind? Creative? Helpful? Wise? First of all, notice that you are these things already. Catch when these qualities reveal themselves. You wouldn’t yearn to be a certain type of person unless you already held the seeds of that very person to begin with. You hold within you the potential for greatness. Just start noticing it’s already there.
  3. Remember that what you’re practicing might not be what someone else is practicing. There’s no right or wrong on our path of growth. What is appropriate for one person to practice during a certain phase in their life might not be the right thing for another person to practice during the same time. For instance, a friend of yours might benefit from the practice of sticking to a structure. But another friend may be really developed at being structured — almost to the point of being rigid — and so is practicing loosening up a bit. Everyone is developing and growing and exploring in their own unique way that’s right for them. The trajectory of growth takes its own course for each person and what you’re focusing on will change throughout your life. You never know what a stranger is practicing. But it’s helpful to know what you are practicing.

    So…what are you practicing these days? Shoot me an email if you’d like to share. I’m definitely not practicing staying away from my inbox these days. I’d love to hear from you!

1sarahAbout the Author: Sarah TAYLOR is one of Your Monthly Mentors, a meditation teacher and a Master Level Reiki Practitioner, as well as an actor, comedian, and writer based in Los Angeles, CA. Drawing from a Buddhist background as well as the other non-dual spiritual traditions, her classes and talks are accessible and filled with humor. She was a series regular for three seasons on NBC’s “In Gayle We Trust”, can be seen in the comedy feature, “The Golden Scallop” and has made appearances on Hot In Cleveland, Bunheads, and numerous other TV shows and films. Read More… 

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