Can Hypnosis REALLY Improve Your Creativity? By Dr. Steve G. Jones

Contrary to popular belief, anyone can be creative. Creativity is not limited to the world of writers, painters, sculptures, and musicians. All it takes is the right mindset.

Of course, we are all creative in different ways. You may be a skilled cook that somehow understands how ingredients come together without really thinking about it. Your friend may have a knack for coming up with great business ideas that can grow into full-fledged enterprises in just a few years. Another friend may have a talent for photography and capturing images on film and video.

Bottom line? There are countless ways to show unlimited creativity. If you think you have yet to discover your creative side, hypnotherapy may hold the key to unleashing it.

How Hypnotherapy Release Your Creativity

When done right, hypnosis can help unlock different aspects of your latent creativity. In fact, one study published in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis found that a group of hypnotizable female volunteers “…consistently achieved higher scores on the Torrance scoring categories, and their performance was statistically superior on a composite index of overall creativity.

During a hypnotherapy session, your hypnotherapist will enter your subconscious mind by putting you in a state of deep relaxation. This allows you to free your mind from its typical thought patterns, helping you to adopt a new mindset—one with a focus on creativity.

Through techniques like creative visualization, your hypnotherapist can guide you towards a creative flow, which is often described as being in a trance-like or meditative state. In real life, it is the equivalent of being “in the zone”—where things seem to move in slow motion, your mind is calm yet focused, and your perception of time is slower.

True creativity and inspiration can only happen when the mind is in a state of clarity, which is what hypnosis tries to achieve. After a hypnotherapy session, you will feel more relaxed and more able to express your thoughts and ideas, whether through the written or spoken word, through music, visual art, or any other kind of medium.

Hypnotherapy Removes Obstacles

Creativity can be notoriously elusive. On some days, you may feel like you are on a great creative streak, while on other days it seems like you have hit a dead end. You may have experienced the latter in the form of a writer’s block. Hypnotherapy can help you get over these temporary obstacles and realign your mind with your inner creativity.

Sometimes the problem is not so much the absence of ideas, as it is the lack of motivation and focus. Hypnotherapy can also help in these matters, clearing your mind and using the power of positive suggestion to reignite your willpower and drive.

Creativity requires a certain freedom of the mind, allowing it to explore and wander for inspiration. Hypnosis can be a powerful tool to put you in this state, giving you a small push in the right direction.

dr-steve-g-jones-the-teen-mentorAbout the Author: Dr. Steve G. JONES, Ed.D. is one of Your Monthly Mentors, a board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who has been practicing hypnotherapy since the 1980’s. He is the author of 25 books on such topics as hypnosis, the law of attraction and weight loss. Dr. Steve has also created over 9,000 hypnosis audio recordings and 22 different online certification programs, which are sold in over 140 countries. Dr. Steve G. Jones works extensively with Hollywood actors, writers, directors, and producers, helping them achieve their very best. He has been featured on Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker as both a hypnotherapist and a millionaire and has been interviewed on CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS. Learn More… 

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Cover Photo by Ben White on Unsplash.