Passion + Purpose = World Change by Marcy Morrison: An Interview with Josue Hernandez

Marcy Morrison of Careers with Wings interviews Josue Hernandez. Marcy and Josue serve on the Steering Group of the CAYS  (Community Alliance for Youth Success) together.

Josue just graduated high school, is 19 and attending college. His Passion + Purpose = World Change Formula is to share his own journey, experience, and wisdom to help inspire young people as an inspirational speaker. Josue is inspiring and he inspires me.

In the video below, he shares the challenges he had to overcome and the tools he used to overcome them. You can follow Josue Hernandez on Instagram here.

About the Contributor: Marcy MORRISON is one of Your Monthly Mentors and the founder of Careers with Wings. She embodies that which she strives to evoke in others – energy, enthusiasm, passion and fun. Often referred to as bringing sunshine to every room she enters, Marcy helps others uncover and find their dream career via her books, “Finding Your Passion: The Easy Guide to Your Dream Career” and “Falling in Love with Me: A Personal Journey and A Guide to Falling in Love with You”. She is a sought out career expert nationwide with her work appearing in/on MSN CareerBuilder, San Francisco and San Diego Univision, CBS Los Angeles, ABC Washington D.C., FOX New York City, San Diego Business Journal, and on San Diego stations including KUSI, Channel 6, FOX, and Channel 10. Read More… 

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