Marcy Morrison

MarcyMorrisonMarcy MORRISON, founder of Careers with Wings and Passion Purpose Academy, embodies that which she strives to evoke in others – energy, enthusiasm, passion and fun. Often referred to as bringing sunshine to every room she enters, Marcy helps others uncover and find their dream career via her books “Finding Your Passion: The Easy Guide to Your Dream Career” and “Falling in Love with Me: A Personal Journey and A Guide to Falling in Love with You” (in English and Spanish), coaching, speaking engagements, workshops and trainings.

With the formula Passion + Purpose = World Change, Marcy’s Vision is a World Where Everyone Connects to Their Passion and Purpose to Change The World.

Marcy has held workshops/trainings/speaking engagements for organizations/companies/events including Illumina, National Charity League, Society of Women Engineers, Just in Time for Foster Youth, San Diego Junior League Super Training Day, University of California San Diego, University of San Diego, Workforce Partnership, Lead San Diego, Jaycees, and many others.

Marcy is a sought out career expert nationwide with her work appearing in/on MSN CareerBuilder, San Francisco and San Diego Univision, CBS Los Angeles, ABC Washington D.C., FOX New York City, San Diego Business Journal, and on San Diego stations including KUSI, Channel 6, FOX, and Channel 10.

Marcy was a coach for RiseSmart where she assisted people through their career transition after a layoff. Marcy also has served as a consultant for Right Management where she facilitated layoffs and career transition workshops in both English and Spanish.

Marcy is equally dedicated to her vision of giving children and communities opportunities – or wings – to rise above poverty – Children with Wings. Marcy also serves on the Steering Committee of the Community Alliance for Youth Success  (CAYS) with Stedman Graham, Bobbi De Porter of Quantum Learning Network and other youth education/empowerment thought leaders. CAYS launched Youth Success Week in January 2016 with the Oceanside Unified School District in San Diego to serve as a nationwide model that is pulling together community resources and leaders to ensure youth success.

Marcy is a former Board Member of Just in Time for Foster Youth where she also helped build Career Horizons for Young Women and teaches classes on finding your passion and mentors 6 young women. Her work with Just in Time was written up in the San Diego Union Tribune – you can read the story here. Marcy received Just in Time’s Volunteer of the Year Award. She is the proud Mom of two boys and lives in San Diego, California.

Marcy has a Master’s Degree in International Management/Latin America from the University of California, San Diego and a Bachelor’s Degree in International Affairs/Spanish from James Madison University. Her interesting career journey ranges from international business, development, sales, marketing in the non-profit, governmental and for-profit sectors has given her a wide-range of understanding when working with a diversity of clients.

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Step 1 Falling in Love with You

Step 2 – Discover Your Passion + Purpose = World Change formula

Step 3 – Trust Your Gut/Believe in Yourself


Step 5 – Develop your vision of where you want to go and how you want your whole life to look.



Step 8 – Support Others in Uncovering and Living Their Dream