Passion + Purpose = World Change: Step 8 by Marcy Morrison

We have come to the final step of uncovering and living your Passion + Purpose = World Change Formula.

Just as a review – here are all the steps we have walked through below except for Step 8 which we will cover now.

Step 1 – Fall in love with who you are right now.
Step 2 – Take the time to discover who you are. Learn your passions, what you love to do, what you are good at, and what difference you want to make in the world.
Step 3 – Believe in yourself and trust your gut.
Step 4 – Build a support team.
Step 5 – Develop your vision of where you want to go and how you want your whole life to look.
Step 6 – Create a strategy/steps to get to your dream.
Step 7 – Network
Step 8 – Support others in uncovering and living their dreams.

So let’s get started with Step 8.

The truth is that you can make a big change by just walking this Passion + Purpose = World Change journey by yourself, however, you can make an even bigger difference in this world by also supporting others in uncovering and living their dreams and helping them make the difference they are here to make as well.

So what are some simple ways that you can do this?

  • Share your story to inspire others via speaking, a video, a blog, a website, a book or any other fun idea you can come up.
  • Create a club at school where you can all support each other.
  • Volunteer or serve as a mentor to other youth.
  • Develop your own unique way to support others.

Congratulations on going through all 8 steps with me, and remember, this is not just a one-time journey. This is a journey that you will walk through many times throughout your life. You will constantly be fine tuning your vision and your Passion + Purpose = World Change formula. As you have more experiences in life, your formula will change and evolve.

I am excited to see what difference you make in the world. Feel free to share your story with me by contacting my website at If I feel it is a fit, I may share it on my website and on The Teen Mentor. Please also share with me what topics you would like to learn about and what questions you may have.

I look forward to continuing this journey with you.

MarcyMorrison2About the Contributor: Marcy MORRISON is one of Your Monthly Mentors and the founder of Careers with Wings. She embodies that which she strives to evoke in others – energy, enthusiasm, passion and fun. Often referred to as bringing sunshine to every room she enters, Marcy helps others uncover and find their dream career via her books, “Finding Your Passion: The Easy Guide to Your Dream Career” and “Falling in Love with Me: A Personal Journey and A Guide to Falling in Love with You”. She is a sought out career expert nationwide with her work appearing in/on MSN CareerBuilder, San Francisco and San Diego Univision, CBS Los Angeles, ABC Washington D.C., FOX New York City, San Diego Business Journal, and on San Diego stations including KUSI, Channel 6, FOX, and Channel 10. Read More… 

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