Passion + Purpose = World Change: Step 4 by Marcy Morrison

Step 4 – Build Your Support Team

I love that we are here continuing our journey together and I would love to hear about your findings from Step 1 – Falling in Love with You, Step 2 – Discover Your Passion + Purpose = World Change formula and Step 3 Trust Your Gut/Believe in Yourself. You can send me a message through my website at

Now we are ready to enter into Step 4 – Build Your Support Team

As you know or maybe you don’t know, we all can’t do this alone – we need others support along the way to help us get to where we need to go. When I speak to a lot of young people, I do find that often they feel alone or lonely and often get overwhelmed with what is ahead and wish that they had more support.

So how do you create a support team?

Our support team is often right around us. You can have different groups of people for different types of support, for example:

Your friends – for emotional support.

Your parents – for guidance.

Your mentors – others who you really admire who you want to learn from about life, a career, another skill they have, accomplishments, experiences and sit with them to ask them to help you live your dreams. In a future step, we are going to explore how to network, which is how to meet people in areas of your passions and where you want to explore as a career.

Your teachers – help with schoolwork.

People in your community for a variety of areas of support.

Make a list of everyone in these categories and write down how you feel they can support you. Make a regular plan to reach out to them. You can reach out weekly, monthly or whatever you both decided works best for both of you. It is good to check in with our support team to help celebrate when we are doing great and also to be there for us when we are struggling.

So often we only want to share the good in our lives and I understand that sometimes it can be hard to reach out when we need help – but find people who will support you in both good and challenging times. The important thing is to also create a two way support system – for you to be there for others as well.

This is all about creating a community – a support community.

I can guarantee when you speak to adults who are living their dreams, they will share with you how many people supported them along the way to make it all possible.

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