How Can Unmanaged Thoughts Dictate Our Lives? By Jessie Torres

An unmanaged thought can quickly take control of all of our experiences. When asked, “Are we our thoughts?” 95% of the time the answer is “yes”. If this is true, then how do we know that we are even having a thought?  In the world of personal development we consistently talk about breaking through our limiting beliefs, when you think about it, our beliefs are made up of our repetitive thought patterns. What we say in our minds and what we feed consistently. If then, we can shift our beliefs by adjusting our thoughts we take back control and shift to an empowering belief.

Ok so here is the question….if we have the power to shift our thoughts, aren’t we then choosing our thought? If so, “who” is doing the choosing? Meaning, if we are our thoughts and we can change our thoughts at any given time, what part of us is doing the choosing?  This opens up the opportunity to explore an even deeper part of our existence. If we are not our thoughts, then what are we?

Eckhart Tolle says, “We are the consciousness beneath the thought The awareness of the thought itself. This creates an opportunity to be the observer of the thought. When we are able to separate from the thought and be the observer, we can now make a conscious choice of not only what meaning we give our experiences but also what actions we can take. Our thoughts are a powerful part of ourselves so we don’t want to abolish our thoughts but more so “watch the thinker” as Eckhart puts it. 

Our consciousness is the intuition, the knowing and the Awakening of our Spirit that lives inside all of us. It speaks truth to us and knows our greater good. We seek it in times of need but sometimes drown out its message by our thinking which is filtered by what we believe we “should” do based on a ton of different life experiences.

So then, what are we to do to Awaken our Spirit and lead a more conscious life? Practice stillness, presence, meditation and heart coherence. When we take the time, even a few moments throughout the day to breathe and connect to the intuitive guidance of our heart and separate from the thought, we are able to open the gateway to the Awakening of our Spirit and find truth about what we are thinking, how we are behaving and what we are believing in. When we can actively be the observer of the thought we are now back in the driver seat of our actions or behavior.  We can now choose to suffer and create disempowering meaning to our experiences or find the deeper more empowering meaning to the activity or experience that we are presented with and then take intelligent inspired action moving forward.

The more we acknowledge the magnificence of our active mind from the consciousness of our Awakened Spirit, the greater power we have at creating our Limitless life and unleashing our Human Potential. Once awakened it is yours forever.

 ~ Fierce Grace Transformation ~
JessieTorresTheTeenMentorAbout The Author: Jessie TORRES is one of Your Monthly Mentors, a Wisdom Guide, Transformational Leader/Coach, Author and Speaker based in Encinitas, California. As a seeker of knowledge and adventurer with a lust for life, she is fueled by a passionate love for humanity and a burning desire to end suffering. She has coached thousands of High Performance people from all walks of life and various parts of the world that have achieved success and the highest level of fulfillment. She helps Leaders achieve a passionate, purposeful, fulfilled life by Awakening their Spirit and Unleashing their Limitless Human Potential so that they can make their life extraordinary. Learn More… 
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