Meditation in Nature by Jane Fuller

“Quiet the mind and the soul will speak.” – Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Life is mirroring back to you what you are feeling inside.

So silence the mind in meditation, because the quieter you become the more you can hear.

Silence isn’t empty. It’s full of answers.

With a still mind, we can more easily notice and listen to our intuition.

The universal energy/divine power which our soul is connected to, speaks to us via our soul when we are of a silent mind.

The practice of meditation allows you to get access to your deeper self and opens your mind to better ideas, better decision making, improves concentration and nurtures courage and resilience in the face of any setbacks and puts you in a more positive frame of mind.

Meditate for 5 minutes a day – eventually you can build up to 15 or 20 minutes a day or more and build a new habit that has many proven benefits that gets easier with practice.

When you quieten the mind you can access the good stuff and nurture your intuitive right brain. This life is an inside job. The state of humanity is down to the state of its thinking. Busy thinking subsides when we meditate and then new thought becomes available.

Creativity really does expand with solitude. Each and every one of us is connected to that universal energy which guides us, if we are willing to be quiet.

In this fast-paced, over-technicalised world meditation is my little oasis in the day where I can release any stress. Stress is debilitating as it inhibits the free flow of energy and information throughout the body. The more stress is accumulated the less efficient are our bodies and minds.

With meditation, I’ve realised that over a period of time I do feel much calmer and I’m able to make decisions from my true nature rather than an ego reaction. It’s taken me a while to harness its powers. I started out with a few minutes, concentrating on my breath, and progressed from there.

There is no perfect way to meditate – it’s whatever works for you. Sometimes, trying to meditate blocks the experience so I just call it taking a break to ‘rest my mind.’ Again, it requires practice but it is so worth it!

Meditation is the way to achieve ‘letting go’ – it calms the chatter in your mind and gives stillness and clarity, so over a period of time, the beauty of life becomes more apparent and amplified.

Meditation helps release our hold on certain patterns of thought. Releasing resistance is probably the most important of all the processes because resistance to change and new experiences stops the manifesting of our desires in their tracks.

To access creativity, rest more.

Try less.

Relax into better thoughts and allow your grid to fill-in.

If you listen to your inner voice it will guide you. We need to give time to being human. We need to understand how our thoughts can affect our behaviour and ultimately our health.

So carve out more time for yourself – then you can help others because you will be fully replenished and aligned with what you want to achieve.

Replenish. Replenish. Replenish. Otherwise you will have nothing to give. It’s all about stopping and smelling the roses. Life isn’t a race. It’s about enjoying each and every moment and being in the moment and living life fully.

Here are a few suggestions to help you replenish:

  1. Go outside and appreciate this planet of ours. I exercise and meditate for 30 minutes in Kensington Gardens amongst nature and peace and I’ve found that incredibly healing. I look upward and outward and acknowledge that a higher universal energy is looking right at me, supporting me, assisting me, helping me, showing me and looking after me and guiding me in whatever I want to achieve that day. I call it my daily check-in with a higher power and, yes, it works! The more you believe the more likely it is to work for you too.
  2. Sleep is a form of meditation, so take a nap and get a good night’s sleep and pay attention to insights that may come to you. When you are asleep so is your ego, making it much easier for divine messages to reach you. For optimal sleep, feng shui your bedroom – you don’t sleep well surrounded by clutter.
  3. Also, pay attention to your body’s signals which may call for changes in your diet, lifestyle and exercise program if you still feel tired and drained after resting. Detox from any energy-depleting substances and eat nutritious food and drink plenty of water for energy.
  4. Your greatest adversities are given to you to open doors to your greatest successes… especially when you seem to have no choice but to handle the matter directly. Keep going and call upon the deep well of strength within you so you can draw it upward to serve you – like a tree drinking water through its roots. Uncertainty and not knowing how a situation will unfold is an opportunity to build a relationship of trust with the Universe – you can do this through meditation. Always worth remembering if you’re going through a tough time… your mind can be your best friend.

Remember, you’ve been training for this for lifetimes to build your resilience muscle to live, laugh and learn!

Help others but don’t sacrifice yourself.

Because dreams don’t work unless you do.


“What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow. Our life is the creation of our mind.” – Buddha

janefullerAbout the Author: Jane FULLER is one of Your Monthly Mentors, a producer, writer, teacher, ambassador, blogger, interior designer, calligraphist and spiritual entrepreneur based in London, United Kingdom. From taking a Fine Arts course in Florence Italy, to running her own award winning film production company, Jane’s life has so far been a whirlwind of adversity, triumphs, challenges and truly inspiring moments. Read More…

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