You Are Not Like Everyone Else and THAT’S Your Superpower by Shaina Weiss

If you want:

An epically rare relationship,

Out of the ordinary success,

Unheard of happiness,

Experiences likened to pure magic;

If you want to know what it feels like to feel that deep, unreal, soul-level heart opening, passionate love,

If you want those once in a lifetime adventures,

Those moments that create the stories you will be laughing hysterically about until tears roll down the wrinkles on your face, as you reflect on them when you’re old and looking back;

If you want

an UNCOMMON life,


in all of the above categories.

You must do what the majority does not.

In fact, use the masses as your baseline indicator of what to do.

What they are not talking about, talk about!

Where they don’t dare to go, DARE TO GO.

Have nail bitingly vulnerable, raw and real conversations in all of your relationships, express through your shaky voice and speak your real and complete truth,

push the boundaries of the bravery of your soul and go where you’ve feared to go;

Take your focus off the fear and discomfort and instead focus on the curiosity as to what the experience will be when you enter a space you’ve never gone before,

what will you feel, what will happen!? What will this open up within you, within them and between you?!

Take those unnerving but door opening opportunities that only get turned down for being guilty of existing outside of your comfort zone.

Have those uncomfortable conversations, take the leadership roles, be the first to raise your hand even if you have to use the other hand to force it up there !

Look in the mirror, deep into your own eyes and stay there until every truth, fear, pain, judgment, lie that you have been running from, ignoring, denying and repressing is FINALLY heard by you,

I dare you.

You deserve to be heard by you…

I dare you to listen.

And then, I dare you to do whatever it takes to love yourself through every single thing that comes up; forgive yourself, forgive the others who have hurt you.

Become absolutely relentless in the pursuit of your freedom, of your happiness and of your true power,

And then get EXCITED purely by the knowledge that just in these acts alone, just in the decisions to do exactly what your insides are saying they are too scared to do,

just by doing what you know is not typical or expected,

that you are completely shifting the trajectory of your life!

That only something great WILL come each time these decisions are made.

You deserve it & what’s great, is you CAN have it.

You want an uncommon life?

Live uncommonly…

BE uncommon.

TheTeenMentorShainaAbout the Author: Shaina WEISS is owner at Mind Body Soulfit. She is on a mission to ignite change and foster growth in herself and everyone she comes in contact with. With extensive experience in personal development, combined with her own life experiences, education in fitness. and love of people, she is determined to and passionate about affecting the masses through connecting each unique individual to their mind, body and soul. Read More…

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