The Quickest Way To Get More Of What You Want by Michael Tarby

Have you ever been frustrated with not having what you want? Have you ever looked around and it seemed like everyone else was getting what they wanted, so why not you? Did you ever wonder what they are doing that you are not? Do you want to know the secret to having more of what you desire?

In this article I am going to share with you the quickest and easiest way of getting more of what you want. It is so simple you will be amazed!

First let’s talk about the story of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. It tells the story of a young man named Aladdin walking on a beach and finding a dirty old lantern. Aladdin picks it up and rubs its well-worn metal. A genie magically appears and grants him 3 wishes. Aladdin asks for his 3 wishes and the genie grants them to him.

The story of the magic lantern has been around for centuries. It is an amazing tale, but there is a very important lesson that is often overlooked. When the genie offers Aladdin 3 wishes, Aladdin must put his desires into words. He must ask for what he wants because as powerful as the genie is, he is not a mind reader.

It is this part of the story that often goes unnoticed. In order to get what you want from the genie, you have to ask for it. You have to formulate into words what your desires are so the genie knows what to give you. The more specific you are in your requests, the more accurately the genie will fulfill your desire. Could this be the real point of the story? Yes, it is!

The secret to getting what you want is simple; you have to ask for it. Harnessing the power of asking for what you want can change your life immediately. You can have more of anything and everything you desire. The minute you begin to ask for more is the minute you begin to get more!

The good news is you don’t need to find a magical lantern to have a genie grant you your wishes, there are genies all around you. Everyone is a genie! Your friends, your family, your neighbors, and even strangers are genies. You will be surprised at what the people all around you are willing to give you. They can help you get what you want through their knowledge, their assistance and their generosity. All you have to do is ask! It is that simple.

It’s Ok To Want What You Want

If asking for what you want is so simple, why are so many people not asking for what they want? There are several reasons why so let’s talk about a few of them and how you can overcome them.

One of the big reasons why we don’t ask for what we want is because we are embarrassed. We might feel ashamed of what we truly want and do not want to let anyone else know our desires. We can start judging ourselves on what our wants are and become confused about what we think we should want and what we actually do want. When this happens, you are setting yourself up for a lot of pain and misery.

The truth is there is nothing wrong with wanting whatever you want. We are all unique individuals and it is only natural that you might have different desires than other people. That is one of the beauties of life; we are all free to pursue whatever will make us happy. Variety is the spice of life and it is never truer than when looking at the wide expanse of different desires of all the people in this world.

There is no need for shame or self judgement. You don’t even need to explain why you want something. All that matters is that you want it. When you begin to embrace your uniqueness and become comfortable with accepting your desires, you will feel more authentic to whom you truly are. Why go through life having to pretend you are something you are not?

Celebrate Rejection

Another big obstacle to asking for what we want is the fear that we will be rejected. The truth is rejection hurts, but most times we make it out to be much worse than it actually is. There is also a hidden beauty of rejection that usually goes unnoticed. I will tell you what it is in just a minute.

One of the most frequent times we open ourselves to possible rejection is when we ask someone out on a date. I have never met anyone who has never been rejected. The reality is we have all been rejected at some time in our life, well, I hope I am not the only one. I have been rejected more times than a porcupine asking out a balloon.

There are many different emotions we can experience when we are rejected. Let me ask you a question, what happens if a person says no to you, do all your insecurities come rushing to the surface? Do you begin to try to find reasons why they said no? You might think it is because you need to lose weight, you need some new clothes, or you might think you are just not attractive.

The reality is there could be 100 reasons why they said no, and the truth is, it doesn’t matter what they are. A person saying no to your date request has nothing to do with your intrinsic value. Your worth is never determined by what other people think of you, it is determined only by what you think of you.

When you get rejected, it’s no big deal. You’re a strong, wonderful, and beautiful being. There’s no way that rejection is going to make you second guess your awesomeness. There are so many people who would jump at the chance to get to know you better. And now here is the hidden beauty of rejection.

When you ask someone out and get rejected, celebrate it. Celebrate that you had the courage to go for your heart’s desire. Celebrate that you are in control of your destiny. Celebrate that you don’t have to wonder what might have been with that person.

It doesn’t have to be just with romantic pursuits, it can be with everything. It is better to ask and get an answer rather than staying silent and wondering what might have been. The world is full of love stories, business startups and lifelong friendships that began with just a simple question.

Be Bold

One of the benefits of being bold is the understanding that the first one who asks is the one who gets. Think about this example. A mother is handing out chocolate chip cookies to three boys. Each boy gets one cookie and there is one left. One boy asks for the last cookie and gets it. The other two boys feel cheated and wonder why they didn’t get an extra cookie. The difference is the other boy asked first.

There are probably many instances in your life of when you witnessed someone who is bold getting rewarded. Have you ever wanted to go out with someone and yet didn’t ask? Later, you see them out with a new partner and you think you are a better match for them. You might wonder how come they didn’t go out with you instead. You then remember it is because of a minor detail, you never asked them. Don’t let happiness pass you by while you stay on the sidelines, ASK!

Be Clear

One of the big mistakes we make is that we are not clear in what we are asking for. Have you ever been disappointed with what you received when you weren’t perfectly clear? Maybe you asked for a new furry pet for your birthday, and you got a gerbil instead of a dog.

Sometimes we have an unrealistic expectation that others should be mind readers. The good news is people don’t have to possess super powers to know what you are longing for; instead you can just tell them exactly what you want.

It is always best to be as clear as possible about what you want. You can save yourself a lot of frustration by being able to be specific with your requests. Don’t beat around the bush; don’t leave innuendos, and don’t count on others to fill in the blanks of what they think you are looking for. Be upfront and honest. Be bold and believe that you are worthy and deserving. Do not be afraid to fully commit to what your desire actually is. Don’t start to backpedal or soften your desire if you get nervous. Articulate fully and clearly what your desire is. You know what you want, ask for it!

Be Grateful

There are so many things that you have asked for and already gotten, have you shown appreciation and gratitude for all those gifts? Are you quick to give thanks to others that help you? Asking for things and getting them is great, but you should always remember to thank those who help you.

Showing gratitude and appreciation is also a part of making sure your heart was in the right place. Sometimes we get wrapped up in the excitement of getting what we asked for that we forget to give thanks – it is important to make time – even if it is at a later date to show appreciation for the people that have helped you.

Thanking others is a way of giving back and showing them there is mutual respect and an understanding that you cannot do everything on your own.

When you are grateful to others for their help, you are recognizing the beauty of their hearts in helping you. Many times when you are grateful, you naturally become more giving also. It feels good to help others, especially when you realize how important it was that someone was there to help you at an important time in your life. Once you realize the amazing ability we all have to help each other, the world can become a much more beautiful and loving place. That is what the term “pay it forward” means. Help others and be grateful and it will be a chain reaction that can change the world.


• You can get what you want by simply asking for it.
• It is ok to want whatever you desire without shame or guilt.
• Do not be afraid of rejection.
• You deserve everything you desire.
• Ask for what you want from the heart and be grateful when receiving.

Tarby Back Book Cover picAbout the Author: Michael TARBY, Monthly Mentor, is a life change expert and author of the best-selling book Living Your Big Juicy Life, The Secrets to Having More Love, Joy and Success.​ His​ varied background allows him to resonate with people from all walks of life. He has been everything from a police officer to an actor. In college, he was the class president and graduated with a 4.0 GPA. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services and is also Board Certified in Radiography.​ ​Michael has dedicated his life to helping others learn from his successes and many failures. He has spoken all across the country and received standing ovations from large and small audiences.​ Read More…

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